The Ebola Designer Epidemic


By Dr. Tim O’Shea DC

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Since the start of the Ebola story in the Spring of 2014, it’s important to keep one central theme in mind: context. As predicted on p. 161 in the last edition of this book, it was just a matter of time before the next Boutique Epidemic would emerge.

What happened to smallpox, SARS, mad cow, Avian flu, Swine flu, etc.? They vanished. They’re gone. And they won’t be back.

They served their purpose – terrorize and distract – and divert billions for new research, new pharmaceuticals. Made-to-Order Boutique Epidemics.

What the image makers have learned is that there is a very strict template that must be followed in order to create a successful biological maguffin, out of thin air:

Claim a disease threat from a new bug
Instill worldwide panic with unrelenting media
Only hope of salvation: drugs and vaccines
Spend the money
Watch the threat vaporize

As predicted, right on schedule, here comes Ebola.

As usual, syndicated pop media knows no bounds when it comes to hyperbole, sensationalism, dire predictions, and disregard for common sense and legitimate science. Ebola will kill millions, it can spread unchecked, we have to come up with a vaccine, etc.


Let’s review some of the Ebola story that is commonly accepted:

Even though Ebola has been known since the late 70s as a killer virus for which there was no cure, it was confined to a few cases here and there in Africa, and was rarely seen elsewhere. Then suddenly in 2014, the disease was reported rampant in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Gambia, and by the Fall over 4000 people were supposed to have died from it.

What made the story global of course was when a health worker named Thomas Duncan returned to Texas after having worked with Ebola patients in Africa. Two weeks later he became symptomatic and was admitted to a Dallas hospital. Soon Duncan was dead. It was the first Ebola death reported in the US.

Astoundingly, some 76 personnel had been in contact with Duncan during his stay at the Dallas hospital [345] – with a patient supposedly infected by a global virus, for which there is no cure. Obviously, bio-safety protocols were lax, none of the staff were restricted at all, and soon two nurses were reported positive.

Next, the hospital administrator makes a public apology – like that makes everything OK. Oh, you dropped the ball and because of your hospital’s negligence and carelessness one of the most contagious diseases on earth has been introduced into the US? But because you said you’re sorry, well, it’s OK. You’re forgiven.

Don’t bother about any specifics on how it won’t happen again – or how you’ve ignored standard biomedicine guidelines, which have only cost a few $billion to set up since 9/11….

And of course nothing was tightened up, and next we see that CNN video of one of the nurses being transferred (inexplicably) via special plane from Dallas to Bethesda, Maryland. And one of the people at the foot of the steps going up into the plane was wearing street clothes – no protective gear whatsoever. So much for apologies.

Maximizing the chances for contamination error still further, the other nurse was then transferred to Emory in Atlanta, effectively tripling the possible points of entry for the disease to spread into the US population.

Media drones on in typical lowtone pop news style, losing the story in non-issues. If you wanted to invent a scenario where everyone in authority – health officials, politicians, everyone involved, were doing everything they could to spread Ebola as fast as possible into the country while pretending they were controlling it, one could scarcely have come up with a better plan than what actually took place.

Travel restrictions from Africa, like 30 other countries instated? [342] Oh no, we can’t do that. That might slow down the spread.

Officials like CDC’s Thomas Frieden actually spell out the ludicrous protocol which is supposed to protect the public from pandemic disease:

“We must identify the people who have been in contact with the patient.

“once those exposed to the patient have been identified, they are monitored for 21 days to see if they develop fever. If they do then they are isolated…” [345]

Huh? How’d that plan work out for the 2 nurses? This is the best the top health officials can come up with? The workers exposed to an Ebola patient are “monitored” for 21 days. Not isolated. Monitored. One of the nurses took a weekend while she was being ‘monitored’ and flew home to Ohio on a commercial jet, interacting with hundreds of people. When she returned, she was diagnosed as positive. And officials see nothing wrong with this protocol — workers are not isolated until they become symptomatic.

But even if they are isolated – what then? Duncan was isolated. We saw how well isolation protocols worked for the two nurses treating him.

This is like a Jim Carey movie, if Jim Carey were suddenly put in charge of CDC’s bioterrorist disease defense for the US.


It’s impossible to reconcile recent reported events with this disease’s history.

Ebola hemorrhagic disease has been known since 1976, confined to a few of the poorest, most toxic communities in Africa, with a few cases every so often, just enough to keep it on the books. Now we’re supposed to believe that in the past few months, suddenly Something Happened, something that has caused a fulminant and uncontrollable outbreak, resulting in 4000+ deaths, most of them in the past month.

And that’s what everybody believes.

Now what physical, environmental, or biological confluence of events – what could possibly trigger such a sudden, unprecedented and exponential virulence of an obscure disease? What has changed all of a sudden? Red Alert. The hoax alarm just lit up.

As with Avian flu, Swine flu, etc. the outbreak areas are Third World, where people are routinely starving, diseased, dehydrated, immuno-suppressed, exposed to contaminated air, food, water, no hygiene, First World’s throwaway drugs, etc. But all this has been going on for decades. And we’re supposed to believe that this new outbreak just happened, all by itself, for no reason? And is now spreading through the world, aided by various lapses in “disease control” protocols, into all these various countries… ?

And we’re supposed to believe that these same government agencies whose routine containment policies have so egregiously failed, these ‘health authorities’ are going to heroically save the world from global annihilation, in Hollywood blockbuster style… ?

Up till now I have been at a loss to explain an outbreak of this magnitude, from out of nowhere. It just didn’t make sense. With some experience in exposing several faux epidemics in the past decade (see website) and then watching them never materialize, as promised by unrelenting global media, I was prepared to expect something of the same ilk afoot here, with the Ebola story.

The difference between Ebola and things like Avian flu, swine flu, SARS, etc. is that Ebola as a disease actually exists. Which is a distinct advantage, if you are tasked with inventing an epidemic out of thin air, and then selling it to the entire world.

The ineptitude of health agencies and the false science adopted by most syndicated ‘health reporters’ was unavoidable, now de rigueur in creating any imagined new ‘pandemic.’ (Notice they are not allowed to use that word with Ebola – it was patented by the Avian flu campaign.)

Lapses in patient isolation, HazMat protocols, basic biosafety, even common sense notions of monitoring and travel restriction – are all predictable examples of governmental health officials’ carelessness in action. We’ve come to expect nothing else.

But looking at all these stories, and the obviously inflammatory nature of the press, with their innate disregard for facts, – still something was missing. Something that no one wanted to talk about.

And then someone emailed me a link, and suddenly the nickel dropped. Wow. Totally possible. Plug in the missing link to the story, and all at once everything’s in focus:


Could these X-000 African deaths be a deliberate bookkeeping illusion, with the sole agenda to fan the flames of a new, uncontrollable ‘epidemic,’ for maximum shock value?

Could they really pull something like this off? Why not? They sold all those other epidemics – none of which ever occurred. And the American people never even asked why not. Because people don’t seem to have the attention span to track stories that are no longer in today’s Yahoo’s headlines. The only thing that gives the Ebola story its legs is the X-000 deaths. But whose figures do we have to rely upon in order to buy the story? Pop media.

Are we even having this conversation? Are we suggesting the whole thing could be a put-up job, start to finish? OK, let’s run with it a little.

Who would benefit from a counterfeit Ebola epidemic?

1. the US military, who were just given $1 billion to “manage the epidemic” in Africa

2. pop media, luring readers hour by hour to watch disaster porn

3. vax manufacturers like GSK, getting carte blanche to rush a vaccine into production, with rewards of $1 billion annually if successful

4. Vaccine investors, like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, New Link, etc

5. politicos, like CT governor Dan Malloy, getting political mileage out of passing draconian new laws for their states, before even one individual gets sick

It’s a matter of trust, really. Who do we trust to tell us the story? Every day we read about all the “numbers of infected.” Like football scores. What tests are they getting? Without a specific diagnostic test, we don’t know for sure if it’s really Ebola, for any given patient. This has become a standard deception for our Boutique Epidemics: diagnosis is by symptoms only. Ebola symptoms are just like many other much less serious diseases.

Even Thomas Duncan, the first American who died in Texas. What proof do we have that he really died of Ebola hemorrhagic fever? How was the virus identified?

CDC’s Thomas Frieden described Duncan’s diagnosis by PCR test as “highly accurate.” [345] Might be time for Tom to review his lab sciences.


The primary test for diagnosing Ebola is the Polymerase Chain Reaction test, invented in the 90s by Kary Mullis PhD, originally to diagnose HIV. How does the PCR work?

From Axiom’s site:

“The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique widely used in molecular biology. It derives its name from one of its key components, a DNA polymerase used to amplify a piece of DNA by … enzymatic replication. This sets in motion a chain reaction in which the DNA template is exponentially amplified. [344]

“With PCR it is possible to amplify a single or few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating millions or more copies of the DNA piece.

“PCR testing therefore allows for accurate diagnosis of underlying conditions which may not be currently clinically active but have a likely hood [sic] of developing in the future.”

Scientists can’t spell, but this is a pretty accurate idea of the test. Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel prize for inventing PCR, explains its limitations – why the PCR is not especially diagnostic, for HIV or for anything else:

“Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.

“The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

So all these people who are being counted as Ebola patients and Ebola deaths, if they haven’t been PCR tested, there is no evidence they even have Ebola.

And even if they have been PCR tested, there still is no conclusive diagnostic evidence that they have any Ebola viruses at all!


PCR is not a test that isolates, identifies, or even detects any particular virus. If you’re sick and have some viral fragments, the PCR test can amplify those fragments so that their proteins are able to be detected. At that point, a theoretical association is made between the proteins and a certain viral pathogen. But it’s all just a theory – just a guesstimation. Nothing like an exact science that says definitely Ebola is present in this patient.


If a patient really has life-threatening Ebola, the virus replicates out of control, taking over the immune system. Millions and millions of viruses will be detectable in the blood. They are quantified by a titer test, which would compare a “non-threatening” number of viruses with a level that is considered life-threatening. That measure is called titer.

In the case of identifying Ebola patients, titer tests are almost never done. In the rare instance where a PCR is actually done, the PCR could be amplifying fragments of hundreds of different types of non-Ebola virus, without even being able to determine if the viral level were abnormal or not.

But in the Third World, none of this technology is even available. There’s little more than First Aid in most hospitals. These supposed X-thousand deaths that have been screaming at us from the headlines for the past few months, and creating this global panic – it’s a virtual certainty that almost none of the ‘victims’ have had either a PCR or a titer test.


So again, that means they’re being counted by symptoms only. And for some other reason. Like marketing. Just as with Avian flu, swine flu, smallpox – Ebola is just the pandemic du jour.

So from now on, whenever you hear anything about supposed numbers of Ebola victims, ask that question: how were they tested? Without a definitive answer, that’s a no. Especially in Africa, they weren’t tested. Which means they’ve likely got something else – or they died of something else. But hey, we’re getting funding for Ebola this month, so we need the body count.

Starting to come into focus?


So that level of knowledge was already there before the expose´ of CNN and the NY Times crisis actors went viral in late October. Start with:

Ebola Hoax

Next, google the words “crisis actors ebola, neon green” in Google, or youtube.

Now spend a couple hours following that story down the rabbit hole. Some of it is stupid, yes, but the underlying agenda is pretty obvious. The green theme, the hired actors in Africa, the creation of a global threat. It’s a low budget psy op.

Don’t think the pharma-media bloc is capable of coming up with something this sinister? Guess you don’t have a very good memory. Shenanigans every bit as deceitful were plied during the Avian flu, swine flu, and smallpox hoaxes of recent years. Refresh your memory:

Smallpox: Bringing a Dead Disease Back to Life [131]

Avian Flu: The Pandemic That Will Never Be [65]

Swine Flu: Global Pandemic? [62]

Not suggesting here that Ebola doesn’t exist, or that people really aren’t dying from it. Just pointing out the flagrant sensationalism and the temptation to maximize its true extent by the usual beneficiaries of Boutique Epidemics.


In keeping with the mandatory requirements of any Boutique Epidemic, there must be a back end – a market angle, a golden goose. That’s the contract – we create the villain, you market the hero.

With a new infectious disease, real or imagined, if antibiotics won’t work, the next rabbit from the hat will be the promise of a vaccine.

With Ebola, vax manufacturers have a head start, since for once here we have an actual disease with a more or less proven causative pathogen. Ebola fever is very little understood, besides that it is passed via body fluids, and the smallest contamination error can result in the transfer of the infection. Which then has a high – though unknown – fatality rate.

Working with the live virus in the laboratory is going to be more than a little risky, since this virus seems to be able to melt right through a HazMat suit.

NIH began to test the first Ebola vaccine in Sept 2014. [343] Delayed till October. It’s a joint NIH/ GSK venture – the distinction between public and private is hardly worth making.

Phase I trials are being done in Bethesda, in Gambia, and in the UK among – wait for it — healthy volunteers. Ask yourself – how sharp would you have to be to volunteer to test an Ebola vaccine?

Tony Fauci was right there cheerleading from the start:

“There is an urgent need for a protective Ebola vaccine, and it is important to establish that a vaccine is safe and spurs the immune system to … protect against infection”

As though the first half of that sentence has anything to do with the second half. As if the need alone could bring the vaccine into existence.

Phase I of any vaccine trial has to do with safety. They try not to kill their subjects straight off. Very bad for future funding requests.

Phase II looks for immune response to the vaccine – any immune response will do. See discussion on adjuvants in the text.

Phase III trials look for efficacy, but their own esoteric definition of it. You’d think efficacy would mean does the vaccine confer immunity to the disease virus, wouldn’t you? But it doesn’t.

That would be common sense, which is something you learn to check at the door whenever discussing new vaccine research.


“The NIAID/GSK Ebola vaccine candidate is based on a type of chimpanzee cold virus, … chimp adenovirus. The adenovirus is used as a carrier … to deliver segments of genetic material derived from two Ebola virus species: Zaire Ebola and Sudan Ebola. . ..The Zaire species of the virus is responsible for the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa.” [343]

Which they have no way of knowing because the current outbreak is being counted by symptoms only, not by testing. So we’re already off to the races. Promo, not science.

They continue:

“The vaccine … delivers one part of Ebola’s genetic material to human cells, but the adenovirus does not replicate. Rather, the Ebola gene that it carries allows the cells of the vaccine recipient to express a single Ebola protein, and that protein prompts an immune response in the individual. … the Ebola genetic material contained in the investigational vaccine cannot cause a vaccinated individual to become infected with Ebola.” [343]


Wow. At this stage, less than a month into the research, there’s no possible way they could know how the cells of the test humans are going to react to one gene from the Ebola virus. Or what they are going to “express.” It’s never been done before.

They forgot to mention that this is all just a working hypothesis. Modern scientists today seem to have forgotten that phrase. Their bosses don’t like it.

Notice how they now avoid the word “antibody.” “Protein” has become the new code word for antibody in the past few years. Neither are they allowed to use the word “immunity,” substituting the much more general term “protection.” Let’s keep traditional science out of it as much as possible, please.

Fauci jumps in here, with a cheer:

“The experimental NIAID/GSK vaccine performed extremely well in protecting nonhuman primates from Ebola infection”

“The candidate vaccine builds upon three earlier investigational Ebola vaccines that began Phase 1 clinical trial testing in 2003.” [343]

Really? Why would GSK be spending millions in 2003 developing a vaccine for a disease that had been dormant for 25 years?

Here’s the important part:

“The Phase 1 clinical trial … will be conducted among 20 healthy adults ages 18 to 50 years. Participants will be divided into two groups of 10 participants each.

“Participants in both groups will be seen and evaluated by clinical staff nine times over a 48-week period.” [343]

The 48 weeks is significant. We have to remember that. The clock started in October 2014. We’re gonna be seeing approved vaccines way before that.

We should also keep in mind that vaccine testing is done on healthy subjects. But global dissemination after approval will include some of the sickest, most immune-suppressed people on the earth. Another area where common sense is brushed aside.


In a ridiculous article from the BBC in late October 2014, [348] the World Health Organization was making preposterous claims about how they hope to have

millions of doses of experimental Ebola vaccine will be available by the end of 2015.” [348]

“The latter hopes to have 12 million experimental doses by the first quarter of next year.”

“If the vaccines are determined to be safe, tens of thousands of doses could be used in West African trials beginning in January of next year,” the WHO said.

BBC spouts: “health experts are fast-tracking tests for various vaccines.” [348]

And there’s the con right there: you can’t hurry science, true science anyway. It takes at least a year, usually more, to develop and approve a new vaccine. As we saw above, the GSK project is literally from scratch, Oct 2014. And the Canadian experimentals have never been tested on humans. Sounds like the humans in Africa are the ones they’re planning to use as subjects.

Where are they getting these numbers from? Even a typical vaccine where they were inventing an attenuated microbe would take a year. But this is a brand new vaccine model, of which:

1. a successful one has never been made
2. the genetic mechanism they are pursuing is immmunologically impossible.

They haven’t even proven that their radical new hypothesis that one Ebola gene spliced into a monkey virus is going to trigger antibody response to the full Ebola virus, in humans. Ever. As we saw above. [346, 347] Notice how nobody talks about how overwhelming that challenge is.


So where are all these cases coming from then? What do these daily numbers mean? What are they counting?

A routine prerequisite for the Boutique Epidemic is the epidemiologic trick of re-categorization. Without antibody tests or titer tests, these cases are being diagnosed by symptoms only. The same number of people were dying of various immunosuppressions a few months ago, as they have been for decades. But nobody was getting funding for those, not until we came up with the idea of getting a sensational diagnosis, with the sizzle of global threat.

As Dustin Hoffman said in Wag The Dog: “When it’s cookin’, it’s cookin’. “


Over the top was the story in two tabloids on 25 October (Daily Mail and the New York Times) where Canada ‘just remembered’ they have had an Ebola vaccine that is “100% effective” in animal trials, that has supposedly been on the shelf for 10 years. [346] [347]

Oh, Ebola vaccine? Wait, I think we had one of those somewhere in the storeroom… Yes, here it is…

Why they waited 2 months to mention anything about it, in the face of the global scramble for a vaccine, is… well, inexplicable.

A few nonsense bullet points about Canada’s sudden memory jog: [347]

– they state the original research was published in an unidentified “respected journal”
– they cite “5,000 dead” in the “epidemic raging out of control in West Africa,” even though there is no diagnostic test for Ebola

– the new vaccine efforts are part of a “desperate measure to stop a disease that has defied traditional means of containing it”

At least the desperate part is accurate. As we saw above, US health officials seem to be doing everything possible to spread the disease by ignoring traditional means of containment..

The fluff piece then quotes James Crowe, Vanderbilt director of vaccine research, who seems to tip their hand, with a very instructive quote. He’s describing the money barrier that often keeps a vaccine that worked in animal trials from getting funding for human trials:

“Up to that point, the research may have cost a few million dollars, but tests in humans and scaling up production can cost hundreds of millions, and bringing a new vaccine all the way to market typically costs $1 billion to $1.5 billion, Crowe said.

“Who’s going to pay for that?”

“People invest in order to get money back,” Crowe added. [346]

Right you are, JimBob — who indeed? That’s all the whole campaign is about – marketing and profit, and creating the Boutique Epidemic. The only way to do that is create hysteria, panic, and disaster mentality, with the only savior being the vaccine. Health, immunity….? Not really our concern.

But where the article really trespasses into science fiction is when it claims curative powers:

“Studies already done in primates found that it prevents infection when given before exposure and increases survival chances when given after exposure.” [346]

That is not only impossible, but something that scientists have never claimed, all the way back to Jenner – that vaccines can cure somebody who already has a disease. Antibodies don’t work that way — you can’t build immunity by giving somebody more of a disease than they already have. This is fanciful, and impugns everything else the article claims. Obvious why they don’t cite the alleged “studies.”


There is another reason why the lucky Canadian discovery cannot work. It defies the basic tenets of immunology:

“The Ebola vaccine is made from another virus, vesicular stomatitis virus, which causes a mouth disease in cattle …

“The researchers altered VSV by removing one of its genes — rendering the virus harmless — and inserting a gene from Ebola.

“The transplanted gene forces VSV to sprout Ebola proteins on its surface.

“The proteins cannot cause illness, but they provoke an immune response that in monkeys, considered a good surrogate for humans, fought off the disease.”

Wow. Where to begin … The new vaccine is going to be made from an oral pathogen virus from cattle (VSV). Something you definitely want for your children, right?… But they’re going to remove a gene from it to make it “harmless”? OK, yeah.. As if one gene neutralizes it, and they know which one, being never tested in humans. And they’ll be able to remove the same gene every time they try it. Please.

And then they’re going to splice “one gene” from an Ebola virus into the VSV to replace the one they took out. (Which one? Any one?) And then that single Ebola gene is going to cause the VSV to sprout “proteins” on its surface, thereby provoking an immune response… [346]

As we saw above, protein is the new code word for antibody. Pretending that one gene spliced into a carrier virus is going to trigger whole complete immunoglobulins to the whole virus from which that one gene was supposedly derived.

Wait a minute — I thought it was the human immune system that was supposed to make antibodies, not some carrier virus. How could a pathogenic carrier virus create antibodies in humans, that would be specific to a complete virus that is represented by only a single gene? What is this, the Andromeda Strain?

This one-gene/one-task myth is the linchpin error of biotechnology and GM. Jeffrey Smith does a masterful job of exploding it. [349]

First of all, sequences of genes are what either inhibit or trigger a cell response. Not single genes. And even the sequences only do so under endless varieties of conditions.


The word hypothesis doesn’t even begin to describe the notion they’re proposing here. Pipe dream, fondest wish, astral projection, best intention, phantasm, ethereal aspiration – these come to mind. Biotech is decades away from this level of sophistication, if indeed it could ever attain it at all. But this rush job, with the regulators screaming for an emergency vaccine in order to keep pace with the frenzy being stirred up by daily media, has created a virtual petri dish situation for imaginary science to be substituted for the tried and true clinical trials that medicine is always harkening to.

Expect unproven and untested vaccines to be approved very soon. As we saw above, W.H.O. has just promised there will be millions of Ebola vaccine doses available by the end of 2105, adn 12 million in a few months. [348]

We shouldn’t doubt that for a minute. But what will be in them?

False science and false bravado will certainly be our standard fare in the world of vaccine propaganda for the coming year. We better get used to it, in heaping portions.

And all for an epidemic they can’t even prove exists..


Also check out Tim O’Shea’s excellent book about vaccination:


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