The Global Socialist Takeover Is Coming to Your Country!

There are currently some very disturbing trends evident on a global level, one of them (among a number of others) being the push for mandatory vaccination, another the perversion of children and young people’s minds via so-called sex education and the promotion of the LGTB agenda, and the promotion of the Marxist/Communist/Socialist agenda, which is the subject of an e-mail sent to me by my friend Jack and which I feel deserves to be shared because of the threat socialism poses to us all.

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Communist Takeover of Canada Soon to be Unleashed on New Zealand: Here’s Why

Today I thought I would write about how Marxist, Jacinda Ardern, current leader of the New Zealand Labour Party, is probably going to be elected the next prime minister of New Zealand and is going to be used by globalist bankers to turn our beautiful little country into a full blown Communist/Fascist socialist state – based on what is currently happening to many other countries like Canada at present.

If you are a medical doctor, a professional worker, a higher paid individual, small business person, farmer, orchardist, homeowner, property owner or investor, you need to urgently read my article here, and watch all the YouTube clips as well. BELIEVE ME, to be forewarned is to be forearmed!

I don’t wish to seem impertinent or arrogant, but I am much more informed than most people on this subject, having studied international banking and socialism for more than 30 years. Of course, nobody is perfect and we all learn all the time. However, I think I have a much better understanding than most about what is soon going to happen. If you take time here to understand what is secretly being planned, I would suggest you will be be able to take some evasive action and hopefully make life a lot easier for you and your family, at least in the short term.

Horrendous change is coming to this country very soon while it is being driven into a full-blown Marxist state – modeled paradoxically on another Commonwealth country – CANADA, which we all thought was ‘Christian’ but is now becoming increasingly Communist. Right now many Canadians are simply stunned and aghast at what is happening to their country. The changes are so dramatic, so fast, that many still think they’re living in a dream or nightmare about it. What is happening, is however of course not just happening to Canada. This socialist revolution is entirely global. The whole world is being rapidly plunged into a socialist state.

To be brief, I thought I would limit this article largely to Canada and New Zealand, but right now the same thing is also happening to increasingly socialist countries like Australia, Brazil, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Venezuela, Greece. It has been well known by scholars of Communism for a long time that Leninist/Marxist takeover of a nation follows just 4 incremental major steps:

1) Demoralization. This psychological step often takes 10 to 30 years to demoralize an entire nation. It particularly concentrates on young people (and initially getting as many young children into childcare centres as possible away from their parents so that they can be indoctrinated by the state). When they grow up, they then turn as a group against the values of their parents, in a period where their country’s population is often divided up between the haves and have nots. Today we call the haves ‘baby-boomers’ who own a lot compared to their younger siblings called ‘millennials’ who own very little and are severely “demoralized” about the future due to inflation and the difficulties involved in getting ahead. Demoralization is now complete in most nations. Once this psychological divide is created the next step is implemented.

2) Destabilization: This only takes about 3 – 5 years. Oppressive taxes are introduced against the ‘have’ middle classes and the economy is driven toward collapse. This is Jacinda’s Ardern’s job in New Zealand in the next 3 years if elected.

3) Crisis: After this period of “destabilization” is completed, comes the full political and economic “crisis” which lasts only about 6 weeks where the economy totally collapses culminating with the full Communist dictatorship takeover.

4) Normalization: Once the new Communist or Fascist socialist dictatorship assumes power, this final, infinite period is referred to as socialist ‘normalization.’


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an intergovernmental economic organisation with 35 of the more affluent countries as members. Founded in 1960, based in Paris, the organization is closely connected to the Socialist International based on the philosophy of Karl Marx, the British Fabian Society (that created Communism in both Russia and China) and the London School of Economics and Political Science founded by the Fabian Society, and the socialist United Nations Organization (UN). The OECD works closely with and provides key economic research and recommendations to all its member country treasury departments, including Canada and New Zealand, on how to subvert their economies to adopt socialism or Marxism. Here is a speech by Angel Gurria, Secretary General of the OECD, at a Socialist International Council meeting in Paris, 15 November 2010. Here is OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria’s speech at the Fabian Society’s London School of Economics in London: Behind the scenes the OECD is run by international Marxist bankers, domiciled in the City of London.

Here is the connection between the OECD and New Zealand Treasury. It is the OECD’s Communist economists that are behind the implementation of Marxist taxes proposed by the New Zealand Labour Party. Ultimately, they are designed to confiscate ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY and have a handful of multinational banks and corporations owning and running the country! Here is how the OECD is connected to Canada as well:

The OECD, in June 2001, through the New Zealand Treasury and McLeod Tax Review, (with the full support of the major employers’ group, Business New Zealand one must add) tried to get the then Labour Government to implement an annual Home Equity Tax at 4% on all New Zealanders’ homes, but the Finance Minister Michael Cullen refused to implement it because it was so draconian. Now they are coming back again proposing the same draconian measures but this time using an economist called Gareth Morgan and his ‘The Opportunities Party’ as their subservient puppet. By gradually increasing the 4% Equity Tax annually to higher levels, the Equity Tax is designed to gradually confiscate most low and middle class homeowners of their properties. In other words, it is full-blown Marxism.

Because Equity Tax is so draconian and unpopular, their second preferred option which they are now implementing in most countries is a combination of stamp duty, land tax, capital gains tax and horrendous new Inland Revenue Services tax changes and compliance impositions. These onerous measures are presently being introduced into Canada now and they are unbelievably STUNNING!

The Current Socialist Destruction of Canada (soon to be implemented on New Zealand & Australia)

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“Proposed Tax Changes for Private Corporations – July 18, 2017”

“Proposed federal tax changes will hurt small business”

Everyone. As you will see from what’s happening in Canada, it is simply breath-taking! The game is just about up really isn’t it.
However, may I remind you the socialist banking pirates only get away with this tyranny due to the overwhelming ignorance and apathy of the general population.

So please do your part to help fend off this rapidly approaching evil. Please distribute this article to as many people as possible. Already Australia is much further down the road to Communism than we, having stamp duty, land tax and capital gains tax already. It pays to speak up. When nobody speaks up or too few speak up, they then usually win by default. Only when the socialist taxman comes to knock your front door down to take your home do most ever wake up. Unfortunately, then it is too late. Do you want a future for yourself, your children and grandchildren? Well then do your part to reject socialism. Please!

I hope I have at least been some help to someone.
If this has been provocative please post a comment.

Good evening everyone.



1. Our new Communist New Zealand Labour Party Leader, Jacinda Ardern, wearing the new Alpha Course scarlet colour:

This little Communist upstart within the next 2 weeks will probably be elected to become the next New Zealand prime minister of our country. Yet her communist destructive beliefs, goals and policies and dress can’t be any plainer! Can you imagine the degeneracy of the countless halfwits who vote for destroyers like this? After all the warnings we’ve already had from German Fascism and Russian/Chinese Communism?- and these brainless idiots actually vote for these demon-possessed individuals!

2. Australian Labour Party former PM Julia Gillard dressed in her Communist scarlet red attire:

3. Labour Party Anthem:

4. National Anthem of Paris Commune (1871):

5.Italian Communist Party Anthem:

6. Little Red Book – Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung:

7. Red Army scarlet red:

8. Red army Choir Katusha:

9. The Internationale:

10. Chinese Red Army:

11. Nazi symbolism:

12. ROMAN FASCISM: The merger of RED (socialism) & GREEN (environmentalism): Italian Social Republic:

13. Environmentalism is Fascism:

14. Lastly, American Fascism/Communism:
Traditionally, in all countries the conservative parties have generally been labelled right wing and designated by the colour blue, while the socialist parties have generally been labelled left wing and coloured scarlet red. Until the 1980s in America, the right wing Republican Party was represented by blue and the left wing socialist Democratic Party was represented by scarlet red. However, to deceive simple-minded Americans about how quickly their country is being taken over by these red socialist Communists, during the 2000 United States Presidential Election, the mainstream media reversed the colours, to hide the fact that the Democratic Party was really Communist, turning the country into a Fascist/Marxist state.

One could go on and on the evidence is so compelling. Yet now virtually every country in the world is being overrun by this rabid socialism which soon will become a World Socialist State under the reformed UN at the speed it is growing. Socialism is a blood-thirsty pagan religion of brutal destruction. Socialists have murdered countless millions. According to Revelation 17:6, the scarlet coloured beast and the harlot riding it is “drunken with the blood of the saints” – hence the blood red scarlet colour of socialism’s emblems today – including the Universal Communist Church harlot riding it – now, I would suggest, symbolized by the new Alpha Course emblem.

So let us just remind ourselves: Next time you see or speak to a rabid socialist under this scarlet coloured red banner. Whether he calls himself just a Labour Party or Democratic Party member, Democratic Socialist or whatever. Do remember, his leadership’s ultimate aim is to destroy everything, and in the process, if history repeats itself, probably turn the whole world into a global, totalitarian police state dictatorship. He will abolish all private property, violently persecute anyone who disagrees with him, destroy our country, and I hesitate to say, murder both you and your children into the bargain. So let’s all open our eyes. Call it for what it is, and urgently warn as many people as we can about these scarlet devils.