The Meningococcal B Vaccination Experiments in Norway and New Zealand Revisited

This documentary was uploaded to YouTube on Oct 19, 2008

Part 4, which was uploaded later, had to be split into two parts as it was longer than 10 minutes.

This documentary exposes serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of New Zealand’s MeNZB parent vaccine.

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The documentary is about a journalist who promoted the original trials of the Norwegian meningococcal vaccine. Revisiting the promotion, results and aftermath of the clinical trial, Connie Barr discovered, to her regret, that she and the public had been misled.

The Vaccine Experiment features three professors of medicine expressing grave concerns about the vaccine and an alleged cover-up of adverse reactions. They reveal their total dismay on learning that the Norwegian results were used to justify the vaccination of a million otherwise healthy New Zealand children.

Two Norwegian children seriously disabled by the vaccine are also profiled. The documentary team came to New Zealand and interviewed New Zealand health officials who deny that New Zealand has suffered any adverse events associated with the MeNZB vaccine. They then speak with the families of local children seriously injured by the vaccine.

Revealingly, the team captures New Zealand health official Dr Jane O’Hallahan making false claims and backtracking on camera when confronted with the truth.

1)THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good, Pt 1 of 4

2)THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good, Pt 2 of 4

3)THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good, Pt 3 of 4

4)THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good, Pt 4 of 5

5)THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT – In The Service of Good, Pt 5 of 5


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