The Ugly Reality of Mass Vaccination Programmes in Africa

The Ugly Reality of Mass Vaccination Programmes in Africa 1

—-by Veronika Cejpkova
Founder of the Whisper Children’s Transitional Home in Uganda

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I am so mad! I am in Uganda right now and taking care of a transitional children’s home where we rehabilitate severely malnourished and neglected children, who once almost faced death.

On Tuesday, January 6, 2015, our children’s transitional home was visited by the government nurses, when inside the home were only caretakers and children, they vaccinated every single child, without even worrying about the health status of any of the children.

They were not interested that we were currently treating two children for malaria, that we are treating and taking care of malnourished children with oppressed immunity, they didn’t even worry that we have children who have neurological problems and have difficulty walking or talking.

The next day, on Wednesday, most of the children were vomiting and felt very sick. These nurses didn’t bother to worry for a minute to look at their medical history and health record that we file properly for every baby. How can they even do that? To come to a registered home where most of the children are undergoing medical treatment and vaccinate the kids with whatever they like, without any permission or care?

We have had lots of medical problems with baby Suubi, Juliana, Diana, Dan, Rukia, children who have been sick, who still had not recovered from their past neglect and starvation, which led to many illnesses. And now their body has to deal with the vaccines that set back their progress.

It takes us lots of hard work to get the children to be in good shape again. Did they know that all the healthy children were vaccinated just a year ago? Of course they don’t care, Uganda receives hundreds of thousands of dollars for vaccines, and all the nurses have to do is go to every single child in the village and vaccinate them, without thinking if it is going to hurt them or not.

They don’t care about the children. They don’t care about the consequences afterwards. They just inject every single child in the village and I bet nobody knows what they are injecting them with.

In Uganda, nobody gets anything for free apart from vaccination. I found it very disturbing that they follow no procedures and rules that apply to any vaccination process. I am totally gutted of what happened but all I know is that the children who finally gained some weight, have been vomiting and not wanting to eat since this happened.

Their little young bodies have already gone through so much. I hope that Rukia, who is three years old and did not walk, but she tried to finally get on her feet last week, won’t be on the floor sitting again.

I myself have a 7-month-old baby and didn’t vaccinate her and we’ve lived in Uganda since she was 2 months old. We don’t live there permanently and my daughter and I weren’t there when this happened. I don’t think they would insist to vaccinate my baby since they assume I took all the measures back at home. I moved here from the UK to help take care of these kids. It’s what I was called to do. I worked hard and founded this organization to help take care of these children who need our help.

I only see them going around to homes and injecting everyone with polio and I think tetanus, that’s what they said to the people. Nobody asked for medical history at our home and I doubt they try to find out from the kids, who often don’t have parents around when they do it. They just write on their door the date of the vaccination.

We are now trying to track down the person responsible for this in the villages. I find it totally unacceptable they come to vaccinate here, a registered rehabilitation home and won’t leave any documentation behind. Nothing. Just inject everyone they saw.

The adult care takers there at the time were also vaccinated, willingly. I don’t think they would force the vaccines but I don’t know that for sure. The people here just accept them, they hardly ever say no to the vaccines. I would say no to them.

Uganda is a very conservative country. People believe vaccination is saving lives. They all believe it is helping them. It comes from the white people right? They are not educated about them or given informed consent.

Somebody said that the workers may be pressured by the government and have a target, a goal to vaccinate all, so that is why they vaccinate everyone when they can.

I don’t want to be involved much in this because this is a massive government program and they all believe it is good. You can’t go against the government, otherwise you are finished here.

Our project, a non-government organization (NGO), is called Whisper. Here in Uganda, I helped create this place where the neediest kids can get help with education and treatment for what ails them. When I learned they just entered the building and did this, I realized they must have been doing it before, when I wasn’t around.

I just never realized that they never cared about the kid’s medical background. And this really upset me because all of our efforts to heal these kids can be taken away, just like that, because of these vaccines. It can happen. I am witnessing these kids’ reactions and fear our efforts to rehab them will be set back.

It has been for the last 12 months since I started interested in vaccination. I am sickened to learn some vaccines are intentionally causing infertility and paralysis. It is shocking and disgusting this could happen. We love these kids and want them to get better to live a full life.

The way African children are treated sometimes, is not fair. I just needed to express my anger because of the way they administrated these drugs to our kids we are trying to help overcome many odds and to help heal them.

I certainly realized that surely, to vaccinate children this way is wrong. To vaccinate them without understanding their medical history is wrong. Sick children can’t always handle them.

Thank you for your understanding. You can visit the Whisper Photo Gallery HERE.

Veronika Cejpkova


Up-date September 13, 2017

Hello – I would like to let you know about what happened at our hospital last Saturday.

UNICEF and World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a 3-day campaign “Polio Home to Home Immunisation” in Uganda targeting 5.7 million children. They also targeted our children’s hospital and when access was denied, they came back from the authorities from the district and demanded to vaccinate all children without doctor’s concerns, or trying to find out the condition of the children. First they went to our emergency room, and the first child they gave the oral polio vaccine to was a severely anaemic child suffering from severe anemia, neutropenia and pancytopenia connected to oxygen. Our doctor on duty was not approached or consulted before the vaccination. The people went ahead and administered the oral polio vaccine to the children at the hospital – see the video below. I wasn’t around at that time and I insisted on not vaccinating them, but the hospital supervisor told me that he feared getting arrested, as this is known to be common practice.

Veronika Cejpkova
Whisper’s Magical Children’s Hospital


So far, 7 children have come back with a very high fever after this illegal (but very ok according to the Ugandan Ministry of Health ) immunisation of the very sick children at the hospital last Saturday. The children at the Whisper Home got diarrhoea and vomiting too, most all of those who are HIV positive and having weak immunity. They were brought to the hospital last week.

Also, our medical officer – doctor had a baby back in February. The baby was extremely healthy, breastfeeding right away, everyone was happy. The baby then got vaccinated with polio and tuberculosis and after 4 days of life turned yellow and died within 12 hours.

Veronika Cejpkova


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