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“Can I tell you how many times I have spoken to someone who says “the whole autism/vaccine thing has been debunked” and when I ask how they know this, they say “everyone knows this” and then I ask “where did you get this information?” And they say “I will find it for you” and they reach for their phone.

They don’t “know” anything. They are repeating tired old incorrect information. “You know… there is that doctor. The one who went to jail for falsifying information. “.

They don’t know. They just repeat lies that they remember hearing once and believe.

So tired of it. But I stay respectful. Plant a few seeds and hope they will go look up the other side of the story.”

~ Nancy Babcock


here’s a little information 😉

? I had to google both Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield WELL after we decided to stop vaccinating our children. Why? Because I had no idea who they were. I didn’t hear about vaccine risks from them, I had to research the information MY DOCTOR DIDN’T KNOW after MY CHILDREN were injured.

Our research revolved around the manufacturers inserts:

Vaccine Ingredients:

FDA Material Safety Data Sheets:

EPA Guidelines:

US National Library of Medicine:

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reportig System:

National Vaccine Compensation Program Data (because you can’t sue manufacturers, in case you wondered):

CDC Disease Surveillance:

The Holy Bible:

✌ I pretty much ignored Andrew Wakefield from then on. I didn’t need to utilize his paper, I had all the data I needed so why even try to discuss something people have so much trouble being rational about? Just show them all the other information and skip the drama.

? Until Vaxxed came out.
Vaxxed tells the story of Dr. William Thompson, a head researcher STILL employed at the CDC who has come forward admitting they manipulated and destroyed data on the landmark MMR study.

This was HUGE news 2 years ago to those who paid attention.

Unfortunately pharma funded news stations played possum so no one else knew. THIS movie was such a big deal I helped host it here. I help people rent it, buy it and discuss it. I go to the capitol to talk to legislators about it. If I’m going to do all that I needed to finally settle the issue of what DID actually happen with Dr. Wakefield since he was invited to help produce the film. This fraudulent study by the CDC was in fact done to rebut HIS case study that turned the medical world upside down. It was rather poetic that when the CDC was caught with it’s pants down he was there to… um… watch and record it 😉

❔ So. What did I learn?
?That the case study was fascinating…. but concluded rather anticlimactic:
“We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described.”

At the end, the paper states:

“We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.”

Wait….what? I thought Wakefield said the MMR caused autism? Nope. The paper did no such thing.

?”AJ Wakefield, SH Murch, A Anthony, J Linnell, DM Casson, M Malik, M Berelowitz, AP Dhillon, MA Thomson, P Harvey, A Valentine, SE Davies, JA Walker-Smith”

Who’s that? Oh just the 13 doctors who wrote the paper together. I thought it was all Wakefield’s fault? Hmmm. 13 doctors who were the heads of their fields all collaborated and no one hears about them. Interesting. That has scapegoat written all over it.

?Retracted in 2010 – which was 12 years after it was published.

?Only 2 doctors lost their licenses: Wakefield & Walker-Smith. Walker-Smith’s legal representation was paid for by his medical malpractice insurance and he won his license back:

Wakefield’s insurance would not cover his representation and as he had lost his job and license and was now a medical pariah….was not in a position to fight for his as well.

? Here’s the story straight from the horses mouth so to speak:

?Said paper’s observations have been duplicated in numerous studies- the gut/brain connection is a household term now:
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? The study that “debunked” him? SEE VAXXED lol. It utterly overturns the alleged proof he was wrong. The CDC’s own findings actually supported his conclusion the topic should be studied more. I have the movie and can get it to anyone who wants to see it.
BUT if you want to be a terrible cynic and refuse to watch, you can read the documents yourself. They are in 2 zip files:…/01/…/01/
The host site is CBS reporter Ben Swann’s who did a shorter report on the issue earlier this year:
Original complaint letter to the CDC:

Second complaint letter:
Dr. Thompson’s press release through a top whistleblower attorney – he still supports vaccines but admits the recordings are him and he regrets actions on that study:
The CDC’s response:
Additionally, the makers of this film have met with Rep Jason Chaffetz who is the head of the government oversight committee. He and his staff has seen this movie AND spoken with Dr. Thompson. He is taking it seriously. There is now an investigation now taking place at the congressional level.

?In addition to the #cdcwhistleblower, the US Government has actually already admitted in the past that vaccines can cause autism.
“For over 25 years, the federal government has publicly denied a vaccine-autism link, while at the same time its Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has been awarding damages for vaccine injury to children with brain damage, seizures and autism. A new investigation found that a substantial number of children compensated for vaccine injury also have autism and that such cases have existed since 1989, the year after the VICP was formed.”
Here is the actual peer reviewed study referenced in the above press release:
?Hannah Poling’s case compensated for vaccine induced autism is perhaps the most famous:

? A 10 minute video of the government discussing the link:

? Last but not least, it’s about WAY more than just the MMR. There are hundreds of other papers that show a relationship between vaccine ingredients and autism symptoms. Try reading up on a few of them here if you like:

? While our decision to stop vaccinating had nothing to do with Wakefield, we now can say with confidence we are on the same team. We can now say THANK YOU to him from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for doing the right thing in the face of intimidation and slander and never backing down in defense of our children. Thank you Polly Tommey, Jonathan Tommey, Bella Tommey, Del Bigtree, Sheila Lewis Ealey , Joshua Coleman, Patrick Layton and anyone one else I may have missed.

So if you hear me talk about these people? It’s not a fan club obsession. They are recognizing families and children that have been ignored for too long. They are friends doing good work and I will continue to share about it. Our kids are injured because we never knew there was anything to research. I’m going to do my best to make sure no one around me fails to know they have options and support if they want it. And I will keep fighting for my rights – and your rights, whether you want them or not.

In The Age of Information….Ignorance is a Choice
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