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Turmeric, Black Pepper and Olive Oil – Potent Anti-cancer Combination

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August 18, 2014 1

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American doctor claims: Mix these ingredients and your body will not develop cancer cells.
There is no other natural ingredient in the world that is more effective in reducing inflammation in the body than turmeric.

American doctor Carolyn Anderson found a very simple recipe which can prevent the appearance of cancer. It is about a mixture of three highly available ingredients. These findings of Dr. Anderson are based on East Indian tradition which is 2000 years old.

Carolyn Anderson claims that if these three ingredients are used every day, there is almost no chance of developing cancer.

turmeric, black pepper and oilve oil

Recent studies show that curcumin prevents many types of cancer. Turmeric has just one disadvantage, it is decomposing slowly in the body. Therefore, an ideal combination for the treatment and prevention of cancer is to consume turmeric and black pepper together. According to the researches, black pepper increases the efficiency of turmeric for even 200%.

Olive oil makes a great sidekick to turmeric because curcumin is fat-soluble. This means it needs to be dissolved in fat to make it into the intestine, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Olive oil is also full of antioxidants and substantial amounts of other compounds deemed to be anticancer agents.
Turmeric, Black Pepper and Olive oil Recipe

Dr. Carolyn Anderson recommends to consume this mixture as often as you can.


1/4 teaspoon of turmeric
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
1 pinch of freshly ground pepper


Mix all the ingredient in a small bowl until they all blend together.
Add the mixture to soup or salad or simply whisk in a little water and drink it straight.
Take once every day before a meal.


If you only consume the mixture, it can be mixed with little water. If the mixture is used in cooked dishes, make sure to put the mixture at the end of cooking.

This natural mixture does not have side effects claims Dr. Anderson.

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