Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry

By Erwin Alber

July 23, 2013

Between May 2003 and May 2006, Germany’s highest health authority the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) conducted a large scale survey named KIGGS to assess the physical and mental health of children and youths up to the age of 17. The study comprised 17,641 children and gathered an enormous amount of data, including their vaccination status.

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Private citizens were able to obtain the raw data for a fee, which enabled Angelika Kögel-Schauz (now Angelika Müller) to make a statistical assessment of the information pertaining to vaccination, a topic she has a long-standing interest in. She has published the results in her article ‘Impfen macht krank‘. This is the English translation of the article:

– Large German Study Proves That Vaccine Free Children Are Healthier!

The results of her investigation clearly show and confirm that vaccine-free children are healthier than vaccinated children. A scoliosis, which is an abnormal curvature of the spine, was e.g. found in 5.3% of vaccinated children, while among the vaccine-free children the number of scoliosis cases was zero, which from a statistical viewpoint is a highly significant finding.

Vaccines are neurotoxic, meaning they have a particularly detrimental effect on the nervous system, including the brain. If a nerve or nerves going to the muscles which hold the spine in place are damaged by vaccines, the spine is pulled out of alignment, resulting in an abnormal curvature of the spine (scoliosis).

A collection of images of vaccine-injured children in China also features a severe case of vaccine-related scoliosis.

Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry 1

Tan Jieyi had a curved spine and could not walk right, Jan 20, 2011. [Photo/CFP]


The asymmetry of Tan’s face, affecting particularly his left eye and his mouth, is also noteworthy as such asymmetries are commonly the result of vaccine-related damage to the nerves controlling the facial muscles.

Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry 2

Vaccine-related damage to the nerves controlling eye movement results in loss of eye coordination (strabismus), as e.g. in this girl. The photo on the left was taken in June 2007, before the change in her eyes; the photo on the right was taken in November 2007, the day she went into surgery to correct the strabismus.

Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry 3

Here are two photos of Bernhard Buchwald – the first before, the other about 4 weeks after a smallpox vaccination he was given at the age of 18 months. Note the boys intent, interested gaze in the first photo, and the loss of presence in the second photo, in which his mouth has become asymmetrical and the left eye has gone off towards the nose. Apparently the shape of his ears had changed as well, leading a professor who examined him to (correctly) predict that severe mental impairment would become evident as a result of the vaccination as the boy got a bit older.

Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry 4

Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry 5

Depending on the neurological damage caused by a vaccination, a child may also suffer from the following disorders:
– vision problems including blindness or partial blindness
– hearing loss
– speech loss, speech delays or speech difficulties
– learning difficulties
– dyslexia
– autism



On December 6, 2017, Forrest Mcready posted a fascinating but shocking video on YouTube which delves into the facial nerve damage caused by vaccines.

Also check out the related web page


– Haemophilus b-hepatitis B vaccine may cause strabismus (inability of the two eyes to coordinate their movements and move together) HERE

– Large German Study Proves That Vaccine Free Children Are Healthier!


– Facial nerve – by Shawn Siegel (slightly edited – Erwin)

The facial nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves that emerge directly from the brain. Marked as cranial nerve 7 (VII), the facial nerve exits the brain, giving off branches along its way to the parotid gland where it divides into five smaller nerves.

The facial nerve of this little girl in this photo was damaged when she suffered a stroke caused by a round of vaccinations. This picture was taken five days after the shots – and as it turned out, two days before she died.

Tell anyone you know who may still be vaccinating to scrutinize their child’s face before and after the next round of shots, looking for any unilateral change – an eye moved to one side, a droop of one side of the mouth; anything – even one eye blinking slightly out of sync with the other. They’re all signs of a stroke – and of obviously serious vaccine injury.



– 10 Signs of a Vaccine Reaction and Damage


Vaccine-induced hair loss



MAY 2016
Another Precious Child Falls Victim to the California Vaccine Mandates:

MMRV Vaccine made my child disabled in 3 days.


I am a desperate parent looking for local and social media to help me to investigate my 6 year old child losing her ability to coordinate eyes just 3 days after MMRV vaccine.

Study suggest that 6th nerve paralysis is a known condition and had been documented in connection to vaccination:

Recurrent 6th nerve palsy in a child following different live attenuated vaccines: case report

In the last week, my daughter was misdiagnosed, let go untreated from hospital totaling in 4 visits and just got released with “maybe” hopes to regain her normal vision. I am puzzled and torn apart how on 4/14/16 child that has been examined by her pediatrician and found perfectly healthy end up being disabled after MMRV vaccine in 3 days.

Please help me bring awareness of this incident and locate medical professional to help my daughter to regain her vision back. Thank you!”



– A tribute to Dr Andrew Moulden (video clip)


I will never forget what happened when my daughter had am encephalitic screaming reaction to her routine vaccines. She screamed a wild animalistic, extreme-pain scream for 6 hours straight. It began 30 minutes after her shots were administered. I took her back to the doctor, and guess what they said, yes, that is in fact a reaction to the shots, and THERE IS NOTHING THEY COULD DO FOR HER. That’s right NOTHING. The screams continued off and on for weeks. My little girl was in So. much. pain. Nobody could do anything for my baby but me. And all I could do was hold her and cry with her, and I prayed all day for God to give me my normal healthy baby back. My daughter stopped her beautiful coo’ing back and forth with me. She stopped looking me in the eye. She was restless and slept 15 minute catnaps at a time. It was horrible. Remembering the weeks that followed that round of vaccines still makes me cry to this day. It is a travesty for a parent to take a perfectly healthy baby to the pediatrician and to watch that baby deteriorate soon after. Today my daughter is healthy, reasonably smart thanks to no more vaccines and a nutrient-dense, non-GMO diet. But she has extreme astygmatisms in both eyes. I wonder to this day if vaccine-induced brain inflammation was to blame for her terrible vision, given that her eye contact ceased that day. Doesn’t it seem reasonable to wonder this, isn’t it shocking to learn that parents all over the globe report loss of eye contact after vaccines and to also learn that it has NEVER been studied before if vaccines can harm vision.




I finally opened my friend’s eyes when I spotted a vaccine reaction in her 6 year old child without her having told me she had been vaccinated. Eye tic/grimace, disorientation, lack of coordination…it was brain inflammation…so sad. Something about me specifically calling out an injury in her daughter woke her up and she stopped vaccinating and emphatically says she will never vaccinate again.

I’m 45 and my parents blindly vaxxed me, but my own 2 children (8 & 4) are both unvaccinated and they are so bright and healthy! It’s rough socially, because the difference between them and their peers is so obvious.




Facial nerve damage (lop-sided mouth, left eye misalignment):


Capture1 Drooping mouth after vaccination, eye glasses at 9 months, 6 eye surgeries SOURCE


This photo is of Joshua Dale Gurto, 35, of Ohio. He’s accused of raping and killing a one-year-old child.

Note that his mouth is at an angle, which is very likely a sign of vaccine-injury.
To read about vaccine injury-related violence, click HERE


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