Vaccination in New Zealand

In New Zealand, there are no vaccine requirements of any kind. As in so many countries, there is however considerable psychological (medical and societal) pressure to vaccinate. Parents are cajoled and lied to in all ways possible to get them to comply with the government-recommended vaccination schedule.

Parents are e.g. told that they are required to provide an Immunisation Certificate when enrolling their child at pre-school or primary school.

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A PDF file of the certificate can be downloaded HERE

It appears to be the intended purpose of the certificate to give the impression to parents that their child must be fully vaccinated at school entry, but really it simply indicates what if any vaccinations a child has had, because as already mentioned vaccinations are not compulsory in New Zealand.

The wording on the certificate gives the impression that the certificate is a requirement at school or pre-school entry, but this is also a false impression as parents don’t need to provide the school with a certificate if they don’t want to, in which case their child is considered unvaccinated and may be excluded from school in the event of a disease outbreak at the discretion of the local Medical Officer of Health. The child is readmitted to school if the parents consent to their child being vaccinated, or when the outbreak subsides, or if it escalates into an epidemic, in which case it is considered futile to contain the outbreak by keeping unvaccinated children at home. This is obviously an absurd policy, designed it seems specifically to harass non-vaccinating families into getting their children vaccinated, and if they don’t, to make life difficult for them.

The school is supposed to keep the “Immunisation Certificates” on file, but just as parents are not legally required to provide a certificate, the school is not legally required to keep a vaccination register. If this all seems very Mickey Mouse, it’s because it is.

Erwin Alber

PS. As far as I know, private educational facilities can set their own vaccination policy.

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7 May 2017

WAVESnz sent out a press release and open letter, as follows, in response to Jonathan Colemans statements on Immunisation Week.

“This week is Immunisation Week, and WAVESnz has marked the occasion with a challenge to the Ministry of Health to undertake a study of the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children, and provide full disclosure on the rates of vaccine injury in New Zealand.

Spokesperson Tracy Livingston says “Jonathan Coleman claims vaccination benefits the masses, however we at WAVESnz see case after case of serious injury and reaction from vaccines, and feel a true cost-benefit analysis cannot be undertaken without including the cost of supporting families through these ongoing health problems resulting from vaccination. The Ministry of Health claim they save the country millions through prevention of disease, yet refuse to acknowledge or examine the cost of supporting these families who suffer ongoing health problems as a result of their compliance with the schedule.”

In New Zealand, adverse events to medication are reported to CARM at Otago University, however few vaccine reactions are ever acknowledged and globally less than 10% are thought to ever be reported. In the past, ACC has paid out for a number of claims related to vaccines.

“To truly be able to stand by their claims of vaccination improving health, and the rhetoric they throw at parents who don’t vaccinate about their children being a threat to others in the community and at risk of suffering serious ill-health, we need to see a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study undertaken properly to examine health outcomes in those groups. So far, such a study has never been done, despite there being large cohorts available to work with,” Ms Livingston says.

“WAVESnz would like to invite any person who feels they – or their child – has suffered injury as a result of vaccination to get in touch with us. We are the only organisation in New Zealand currently who acknowledge such a phenomenon exists and are able to provide support and assistance to those in need as best we possibly can.””
Contact: Tracy Livingston: [[email protected]][email protected]


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