Vaccination in the Czech Republic

Vaccination in the Czech Republic

Regrettably, in spite of large opposition, Czechoslovakia was split into separate countries – the Czech Republic and Slovakia – following the “velvet revolution” in 1989. That is geopolitics… In Slovakia the situation is similar, but the schedule of vaccination is a bit different.

In post-communist countries there is compulsory vaccination on quite a large scale. In their first year, babies in Czechia are given 4 shots of Infanrix hexa and then between 1 – 2 years 2 shots of MMR. Very often they receive also recommended vaccination such as Synflorix, Prevenar or even Rotarix. I know children who received Infanrix Hexa , Synflorix and Prevenar all at once. If a child is not vaccinated with all the mandatory vaccines, he or she cannot attend Kindergarten which is a very difficult problem for parents because private Kindergartens are expensive and for the mother to be at home for 6 years with her unvaccinated child is an option most families in our country cannot afford.

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Many mothers are scared and forced into vaccinating their child by pediatricians, who are responsible for vaccinations and if a child in their care is not vaccinated, they are scared by the health authorities responsible for ensuring high vaccination rates. Every time you do not want to vaccinate your child in a given term, you now have to sign a written objection form to protect your pediatrician from sanctions. The sanctions against families with unvaccinated children were cancelled three years ago by the constitutional court of law. There are some brave families who took it to court with representation of a lawyer from a non-profit institution called The League of Human Rights. Her name is Zuzana Candigliota. She is defending parents in the cases such as not paying the penalty for unvaccinated child (quite long term case) and the child being refused admission to the Kindergarten. She has a website about her project called “The Fair Hospital”.

There is also an energetic and enthusiastic physician and homeopath in our country MU Dr. Elekova, who is much hated by the fanatic vaccinators. Sheis very uncompromising in her stance on vaccinations and very outspoken in denouncing vaccination. There are some interviews in the mainstream media with her and numerous articles about vaccination she has written which have been published on the internet. She has also given lectures on vaccination and has been very active in denouncing compulsory vaccination and in pointing out the myths associated with the theory and practice of vaccination.

I think our healthcare system is led by pharmaceutical corporations paying the people in key positions in the government to force the people to vaccinate themselves and their children. There is extensive propaganda to vaccinate. The result is many vaccine-damaged children and people in general, so the opposition grows, also thanks to the publicity of some books warning against vaccination by Prof. Strunecká, who investigated the effects of aluminium on Alzheimer disease with Dr. Russell Blaylock. There is a website devoted to the risks of vaccination described by Prof. Strunecká in her books. This website also features a section called “Side effects” where mainly parents of vaccine-injured children can post their testimonies. To-date, there are now 70 testimonies.

Regrettably the typical family opposing vaccination has at least one child who has been vaccine-injured, and many families with one child vaccinated and the second totally unvaccinated (as are my children).

Alice P.



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