Vaccination Is Not Immunization – Tim O’Shea DC

Vaccination Is Not Immunization - Tim O'Shea DC 1


Great perspective. One of the best books I’ve read regarding vaccines. I recommend to all of my pregnant patients to help aid in their decision on whether or not to vaccinate.
I love Dr. O’Shea’s books (and lectures). They are thought provoking for people who’d like their thoughts provoked.

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Many parents would like to stick their heads in the sand and let the government and AMA make all the decisions for their infant. This book is for those that choose to question the status quo – as we all should.

This book looks at each vaccine separately, analyzing side effects, ingredients, the history of the vaccination, incidence of the disease, and who holds the patents. It give would be parents the tools required to make decisions regarding which vaccinations they feel comfortable with, when to vaccinate, when NOT to vaccinate, and why.

I recommend this book to all of my patients. This book is easy to read, clear, and easy to understand for every reading level.
This is a profound, stark, and telling indictment of the vaccine industry and the complicit participation of many other institutions and organizations in whom so many deposit so much trust. How sad it is that ignorance and yes even malice as greed should project itself at the expense of our babies and their purity. This is a must read for parents, families, educators, everyone because no one is exempt from the onslaught. Please read the book, continue your education, and do the right thing for our future. The book is superbly referenced and amply broad in scope. The voice is often sarcastic and yet I cannot blame the author. The history of vaccinations is a travesty, a violation of our basic Human Rights. Read the book, study the content, and look for more as the author offers a rich section of references.
I have read many vaccination books over the last few years. This one is in my top 2 (other is Vaccination Bible by Lynne McTaggart) I knew a lot already about the dangers of vaccines but learnt so much more from this book. In fact I was downright shocked at what I read as there is so much more fraud and unethical behaviour by the research scientists and vaccine manufacturers. Not to mention the dangers of vaccines and the many disorders showing up in kids/adults today. If you buy one book on vaccinations, THIS IS IT!


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