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“I’m new to the Vaccination Information Network on Facebook and trying to get my partner to consider the idea of possibly not vaccinating our daughter. She had her new born shots and is coming up for her next ones so I’m after some information and links to share with him. Do people get some shots and not others? Is there a particular shot people would not get? Any shots that are important to get because of outbreaks etc.? Thank you.”


“It’s of course your decision Lauren, but in my estimation all vaccines should be absolutely avoided as they don’t prevent but promote ill-health. Infectious disease mortality graphs based on official statistics clearly show that vaccines have never saved anyone’s life.

Do You Want to Remain Informed about the Latest Vaccine News?

Also, have a look at the CDC’s list of vaccine ingredients and ask yourself if you really want your daughter to be injected with these toxic substances.

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Here is some information concerning the question ‘To Vaccinate or not?’ from the VINE website.

I highly recommend this book which in my opinion every parent should have a copy of:

I also invite you to visit the following Facebook pages:
– “My child’s vaccine reaction

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If you live in the USA and decide not to vaccinate, DO NOT sign any waiver the doctor or nurse may give you if you take your daughter for a check-up. You may wish to skip ‘Well Child Visits’ as these are mainly used as opportunities to pressure parents into complying with the government-promoted vaccination schedule. The vaccinations or signing a waiver are however not a legal requirement and an exemption is (in the US) only necessary for birth and school.

Birth exemptions

Click HERE for information concerning birth exemptions in your state.

It is important for parents (especially in the US) to state in their birth plan that they don’t want the hepatitis B vaccine, the vitamin K injection or the eye antibiotic for their new baby if they have decided against these interventions and also that their baby’s umbilical cord NOT be clamped or cut until the placenta has been delivered, or at least not until the cord has stopped pulsating and goes flat and limp.


This is very important because at the moment of birth, a third to up to a half of the baby’s blood is in the placenta. Premature clamping deprives the baby of this significant volume of blood, causing weakness and anaemia, shock, heart problems and sometimes leading to emergency procedures to revive the baby as a consequence of the low volume of blood in its body. Visit the Facebook page ‘Childbirth Preparations‘ for more information.

School exemptions

Click HERE for information concerning school exemptions in your state.

Information concerning vaccination in the following countries :



New Zealand



“Thanks so much for all of that – will go through it with my partner tonight.
So you would advise against ALL vaccinations?”

“Well, I would prefer you to arrive at your own conclusions and decision based on information from both sides, but there is NO WAY I would let anyone with a vaccine come near me or any child of mine!

Being faced with the vaccination issue for the first time can be daunting. There is however no good reason to rush into anything, so I suggest you just wait and avoid making any hasty decisions. You can always vaccinate later, but once a vaccine has been injected you can’t take it out again! I suggest you start reading some information and to start watching some videos to become informed, but also to listen to your intuition which I assume is what led you to ask this question on VINE in the first place. Also take note of what Dr Eva Snead MD used to tell her audiences when she lectured in New Zealand:


The important thing is in my opinion to make an informed choice on your child’s behalf with your child’s best interest at heart, regardless of what others may say or think about it and without letting yourself be influenced by expectations doctors, friends or relatives or “society” may try or want to impose on you.

All the best!




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