Vaccine Injury is Not Rare!

Carla Moscatelli‎

29 April 2018

My son and only child was born healthy and perfect in May of 2015.This is him at 6 months old.

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He was only sick 2 times before his 18 month well visit. He was saying words, playing peek a boo, teasing our dog, running through the house yelling my name “Carla” smiled and laughed often and loved attention.

Here is a video clip taken at 14 months, before he was vaccine-injured:

On December 13th 2016, he received dtap, hib, polio, hepatitis a and influenza when he was 18 and half months old and 24 pounds. I remember 12/13/16 like it was yesterday. The pediatrician asked me about milestones and language and I shared something funny that happened. Luka and I were at the grocery store and he was sitting in the front of the cart. There was an elderly man in front of us moving very slowly. Luka starts saying loudly, “go go go!” I was so embarrassed. When she showed me the vaccines he would get that day, I said, “that seems like a lot, are you sure that’s ok?” She looked at them and told me he had all of them before and he had no reaction, right? I said, “no I guess he didn’t.”

At the grocery store before 12/13/16 was the last time I heard my child say, “go, go, go!”

Days later, he suffered physical and neurological injuries as evidenced by pictures and videos of a left sided facial droop and left sided body weakness. I didn’t realize at the time it was a vaccine reaction. He was teething very heavily, had a mild fever, quiet, lethargic, and withdrawn and just generally not feeling well. He had a tough, awful time teething, so I thought that was the issue. But later in January, my mom called me in a panic and said, “there’s something wrong with Luka!” She watched him 2 days a week while I worked. I had a babysitter the other days and when I asked the sitter, she noticed the same issues as my mom. I just knew something happened to him when he shut down, stopped responding to his name, staring episodes, and stopped saying words. My baby was ahead of the curve with most developmental milestones then suddenly and dramatically regressed after that round of vaccines. I called the pediatrician and early intervention crying and saying I don’t know if he hit his head or if he is traumatized over his nana but he’s different and everyone is concerned. I have a lot of pictures and videos because I went back to try to figure out where my baby went. That’s when I finally made the connection and noticed the injury in the pictures retrospectively. There is a noticeable difference before and after Dec 13th 2016. My son received several EEGs and an MRI that was deemed normal. However, when I pushed for answers, one of the neurologists verbally told me and my husband that our son has “BRAIN DAMAGE .” This is not documented anywhere on paper. The only thing documented is a neurological report summary that states “POSSIBLE ENCEPHALITIS or POSSIBLE ADEM”. But he was not formally diagnosed with either. His diagnoses are unspecified nystagmus, developmental regression, disturbance of consciousness, altered mental status, and expressive language disorder. Most recently found out he is vitamin B12 deficient, despite receiving that supplement since November. And of course he exhibits behaviors that are consistent with ASD.

This video clip was taken at 20 months, after he was vaccine-injured:

Also, I was denied a functional MRI as well as other blood, urine, and hair tests that I requested. The blood labs that were done were all “abnormal” but no one will explain why or what they mean. They just say “they’re not that bad.”

Currently, my son has no functional language and he is in speech therapy since March 2017, he is frequently ill, spikes fevers for no reason, sweats profusely, has intermittent left arm weakness, small pupils all the time, signs of possible asthma and food allergies, nystagmus which was recently diagnosed and strange spots on his sclera that weren’t there pre-vaccine injury.

My son is always sick, screaming/crying in pain. Here is a video clip taken when he was suffering from an ear infection, tonsillitis and an eye infection at 2 yrs old:

No doctor or neurologist will explain anything to me. All they want to talk about is his “inconsistent eye contact” I told them that is the least of his problems. There is an underlying medical/neurological injury/immunological disorder that is being swept under the rug. The doctors completely covered up his vaccine injury. By purposefully not doing the right medical tests/procedures, hiding the results from me on some of them (I still have not seen his Lyme result that was done last September), and not explaining or looking into the abnormal tests that were done.

I recently signed with a vaccine injury attorney who obtained my son’s medical records but he needs a vaccine injury table diagnosis in order to file a petition with the NVICP. My son has vaccine induced brain damage- encephalopathy. But the doctors will not admit that on paper. The attorney said he will keep my case open if I can get new information/medical diagnosis.

I want to add that I was once pro vaccine who trusted doctors and believed wholeheartedly in the medical system. They poisoned my healthy baby and then turned around and abused him again by lying about it and abandoning him after he was vaccine injured. They know what happened to my son. And they know that I know.
My child will never receive another vaccine. And I will never get over what they did to him.

I wrote my son’s story with the hope that other babies can be saved. Parents, please read the vaccine inserts, ask questions, watch Vaxxed, and do the necessary research. Don’t make the same mistake that I made…the biggest regret of my life.

This has consumed my life. It has been the toughest battle I have ever fought. The mental and physical exhaustion, the overwhelming guilt I feel, the stream of tears I cry on a daily basis, and the sleepless nights I’m awake tormented by this nightmare. My biggest hope is that it will all be worth it in the end with doing the detox under the guidance of a naturopath, therapies, and many many prayers and that eventually my sweet, innocent, beautiful little boy will make a full recovery.

Thank you all for your support ❤



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