Vaccine-related reactions, illnesses, disorders, disabilities and deaths

The Facial Nerve

Shawn Siegel

The facial nerve is one of the 12 cranial nerves that emerge directly from the brain. Marked as cranial nerve 7 (VII), the facial nerve exits the brain, giving off branches along its way to the parotid gland where it divides into five smaller nerves.

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The facial nerve of this little girl in this photo was damaged when she suffered a stroke caused by a round of vaccinations. This picture was taken five days after the shots – and as it turned out, two days before she died.

Tell anyone you know who may still be vaccinating to scrutinize their child’s face before and after the next round of shots, looking for any unilateral change – an eye moved to one side, a droop of one side of the mouth; anything – even one eye blinking slightly out of sync with the other. They’re all signs of a stroke – and of obviously serious vaccine injury.



Vaccinations as a Cause of Spine, Face & Eye Asymmetry


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Toddler Grand Mal Seizure – Audrina

Joel Swartzlander

First – And most importantly…. I posted this video for educational purposes… educational? Yes… if you have never had a seizure or seen a toddler have a seizure… watching this can give you an insight as to what can happen… if your child has similar seizures, this may be a good video to show your neurologist… For whatever reason, it breaks my heart to see my daughter have seizures, and its hard for me to watch this video, but I post it to help anyone in any way, and as an outlet for me to express my concern with vaccinations and the possibility of epilepsy caused by them…

This is a Grand Mal seizure caught on video when my daughter was 3. My daughter had her first seizure shortly after her 2 year immunization shots…. she also developed SPD… She is now 4 years old, and has been seizure free for over a year… hopefully she outgrows this…. I strongly believe that her issues were caused by her vaccinations… Government denies… yet there is the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 read more here … if you believe your child has issues caused to vaccinations, do something about it…


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