Vaccine Syndrome 2017 and the Fundamental Right of Informed Choice

A fundamental right: when you say fundamental you mean – constitutionally – that if it is indeed fundamental – neither President, nor Congress, nor even courts – can deny it because it is fundamental, and what is fundamental? The right to control your own body!

US attorney Len Schroter at 1:26:10 of Vaccine Syndrome

So, mandatory vaccine programs are inherently dangerous. They go out to a very large number of people, with very little tracking and there is very little recourse if you are injured by a vaccine. What is required is informed consent. Informed consent requires that patients be told up front what the risk of a disease is, and what the risk of a vaccine is. What is known about a vaccine has to be carefully explained and a patient must always have the right to say no. I’s not a question of “No it’s not for me because of a religious basis.” It’s more of “no, it’s because I believe it’s not right for me.” Until we can actually understand how each person’s innate immunity interacts with a new antigen, it becomes very prudent to always have the ability to say no to a vaccine. Removing that right is tantamount to fascism by vaccine.

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Bob Lee, Vaccine Syndrome Associate Producer at 1:26:42 of Vaccine Syndrome

Vaccine Syndrome 2017


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