Victory Over ADHD – by Deborah Merlin

This book provides a somewhat unique look at the multifaceted challenges of ADHD and related neurological patterns. It presents the author’s personal story of herself and her children, along with the experiences of others and insights from several professionals who contribute information about factors that can foster ADHD and methods that can bring balance and health.

The book examines a range of therapies, including nutrition, heavy metal detox, dietary changes, homeopathy, chiropractic, energy psychology, brain gym, and oriental medicine. It also exposes the many hazards that can contribute to the ADHD conditions, such as pregnancy and birth problems, allergies, immune issues, vaccines, pesticides, food additives, food intolerances, emotional stresses, and artificial electromagnetic fields.

A key point in the book is that allopathic medications used for ADHD don’t treat anything that’s actually causing the problems, and they can aggravate the issues or cause other problems. The author is certain that seeking natural alternatives provided a much better outcome for her family than would occur for individuals who remain stuck in a conventional medicine paradigm. That has been my observation with ADHD as well – understanding the multiple levels of factors that foster ADHD symptoms and then taking steps to heal those issues leads to excellent results.

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As Deborah Merlin and her collaborators discovered, most medical doctors are programmed to rely on drugs to treat symptoms – not to find or address the causes. If you wish to address ADHD in a healthy way it is essential to apply this holistic approach and reject the viewpoint of miseducated physicians. I congratulate Merlin for sharing her personal story and enlisting others with experience treating ADHD naturally to enlighten the public about ways of overcoming challenges associated with ADHD.

Jed Shlackman (Miami, FL United States)


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