VINE Response to the NMBA’s Position Statement on Nurses, Midwives and Vaccination

Below is my response to the NMBA’s October 2016 “Position statement on nurses, midwives and vaccination.

Dear Madam/Sir,

In the NMBA position statement it says:

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“The NMBA recognises the Australian National Immunisation Handbook 10th edition as providing evidence-based advice to health professionals about the safe and effective use of vaccines and the public health benefits associated with vaccination. The NMBA supports the use of the handbook by registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives who are giving vaccines. The handbook is available from the Immunise Australia Program website.”


“The NMBA expects all registered nurses, enrolled nurses and midwives to use the best available evidence in making practice decisions. This includes providing information to the public about public health issues.”

I wish to point out that these two statements contradict each other. On the one hand the NMBA expects nurses and midwives to promote only officially sanctioned information which (in my estimation) falsely portrays vaccination as safe and effective and as having public health benefits, while on the other expecting nurses and midwives to “use the best available evidence in making practice decisions” including “providing information to the public about public health issues.”

How can nurses and midwives do the latter when they are being restricted to provide what amounts to pro-vaccination propaganda?

The reference to the “safe and effective use of vaccines” and “the public health benefits associated with vaccination” is a whopping big lie for a start, as e.g the case of Saba Button clearly shows:

Settlement for Saba Button, severely disabled after flu vaccine
The family of a West Australian child left severely disabled after receiving a flu jab has reached a settlement with the vaccine’s manufacturer and the State Government.

There was clearly no public health benefit for Saba Button and countless other children who have suffered vaccine-related injuries and deaths. In the USA, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court has paid out over US$4 billion in compensation for vaccine-induced injuries and deaths since its establishment in 1988. Also, in 2011 the US Supreme Court declared vaccines “unavoidably unsafe.”

There are in fact countless medical studies which document the dangers of vaccines and the harm vaccines cause:

The position statement consequently forces nurses and midwives to tell parents lies which benefit the medical-pharmaceutical establishment, but which result in their babies and children being exposed to harm.

It would in my estimation far better for nurses and midwives to tell parents that in their official capacity they are expected to promote the government-recommended vaccine child poisoning schedule, but that in their personal opinion vaccinations are best avoided, if that happens to be their conviction based on research and experience.

I of course realise that this would not be acceptable to the authorities who seem to opt for fascist tactics, namely misinformation and coercion, in direct violation of parents’ fundamental right to an informed choice in the absence of pressure and coercion.

Shame on you!

Erwin Alber
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