Message to all New Zealanders: Please do read and watch all of this material.

This General Election is the most important in New Zealand’s history because if Jacinda Ardern (yes, she is a dedicated Communist) becomes PM with her and the Labour Party’s Marxist policies, it is going to turn this beautiful little country into a Communist/Fascist state almost OVERNIGHT! I will predict two or three years. Look at what has happened to socialist countries like Greece, Brazil and Venezuela that have been wrecked by the same socialist policies being proposed by the NZ Labour Party – a tyrannical, corrupt government, huge increases in debt and government spending, capital gains, land and wealth taxes on the middle class producers, causing hyperinflation and depreciation of the currency, and in general the destruction of the entire economy leading to a massive rise in poverty. Usually at the beginning in the first two or three years of implementing these socialist policies the economy gets a big lift due to the increased spending and borrowing, but once the debt gets out of control and the taxes begin to rapidly suppress production,, the tax revenue rapidly shrinks compared to increases in government spending and then the whole economic system begins to go belly up.

Please, please, I implore you. URGENTLY pass this information on to everybody you know.

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Earlier this year, Labour’s Andrew Little voiced his support for coercing New Zealand parents into vaccinating their children, to follow Australia’s example.

Now, yet another threat is looming. No doubt you all have seen over the last few days the mainstream media pushing the “positivity” of Jacinda Ardern’s recent election to head the New Zealand Labour Party on August 1, 2017. This blatant propaganda has continued today on TV One’s Q&A program at 9 am, and TV3’s The Nation at 10 am this morning Sunday, 6 August 2017.

Well, anyway, I thought I would warn everyone about how incredibly dangerous this little Communist thug “wolf in sheep’s clothing” really is, and why in the coming NZ Elections in a few weeks time, is is so important to vote for the National Party, (as corrupt as they are) and reject Labour and the Greens.

Both the NZ Labour Party and Green parties are officially Fabian Socialist/Marxist/Communist political parties whose end-goals are the ABOLITION OF ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY through oppressive capital gains and wealth taxes and the imposition of a refined form of neo-Nazi-Fascism, where all those who are considered to be useless eaters are to be forcibly euthanized, under a UN police state totalitarian government.

The above video clip showing Jacinda Ardern addressing her Communist “comrades” is self explanatory. However, her extreme Marxist, Socialist beliefs go very much deeper than this, and in most cases to the average person are not immediately evident. In the past she has worked for both Phil Goff and Helen Clark as a researcher. Phil Goff and Helen Clark are members, or past members, of Parliamentarians for Global Action formerly called Parliamentarians for World Order, whose socialist goals are to abolish the sovereignty of all nations to set up a New World Order socialist world government.

Jacinda has also worked as a senior policy advisor to Tony Blair, British Labour Party PM, and former president of the Fabian Society, set up in London in 1884 by Eleanor Marx (Daughter of Karl Marx) and George Bernard Shaw and other socialists, based on the writings of Karl Marx

Jacinda was elected the President of the International Union of Socialist Youth and held this position 2008-2009. Eleanor Marx (1855-1898) was a delegate in Paris and moving force in in founding the Second International in 1889. The Second International founded the Socialist Youth International in 1907, later renamed the International Union of Socialist Youth. Today it represents 134 member socialist organizations in over 80 countries. Its goal is gather young socialist youth to train them up to create a world Marxist, Socialist state.

The British Fabian Society CONTROLS the world’s socialist movements, through its leading socialist university the London School of Economics and Political Science founded in 1895, including the socialist parties and Labour parties in each respective country. This also includes the Socialist International, and International Union of Socialist Youth which works closely with the Young Fabians based in London and Young European Socialists based in Brussels.

The British Fabian Society’s branch in New Zealand, the New Zealand Fabian Society, controls the policies of the New Zealand Labour Party. https://fabians.org.nz/ It likewise controls Australia’s Labour Party.

Here is just a very brief summary of the evil global goals of the Fabian Society:

Here is an original old video clip of George Bernard Shaw actually speaking about how they want to kill off all people in society considered “useless eaters.” Incidentally, this wicked individual is also credited with designing the Fabian Society’s original Coat of Arms – a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Yes, that’s how cheeky they are!

So to recap; Jacinda Ardern is a deceptively nasty little Communist and Marxist. She is nothing more than a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and if the New Zealand public are so stupid to vote for her, they deserve to lose all or most of their private property and be taxed out of existence.

Anyone know her or other Labour Party members, please do send her a copy of this. I’ve only just scratched the surface, but believe me, if a Labour Party/Greens coalition gets elected in this coming election, especially under her leadership, just watch how quickly they will destroy this beautiful little country.

This is my effort to influence the direction of this soon coming election: Don’t vote for Comrade Ardern!





Australia is turning into a Communist state – FAST!


Bill shock for landlords as land tax skyrockets

Simon Johanson

February 24 2017

Landlords have been hit by steep land tax increases from soaring property values, in some cases more than doubling tax bills and making investments uneconomic.

Many landlords, property owners and lessors, confronted with sharp increases in land tax bills this month, were reacting with “shock or disbelief”, agents and lawyers said.



This is not the much more oppressive Stamp Duty or Capital Gains Tax on investment properties. It is just Land Tax alone that has to be paid annually.

Seriously, one has to be totally demonic to expect any owner of any business or property to continually run at a loss without winding it up and selling it. This is what radical socialism does – it destroys production and the incentive to work.

On top of this, the Victorian State Government has just introduced a new annual 1% house vacancy tax if you leave a property vacant for more than 6 months. No doubt it will apply to holiday homes before long as well. This is calculated on the full capital value.

From 1st January 2019, my understanding is that ALL residents who own homes in Australia will lose their owner-occupier exemption from Capital Gains Tax (currently your top marginal tax rate in the year in which you sell, for most 45% plus M. levy 2% plus a 1.5% surcharge = 48.5%). There are about 550,000 to 600,000 New Zealand citizens there who will be affected. Can you imagine the turmoil that’s coming?

YET THIS IS WHAT THE NZ LABOUR PARTY UNDER COMRADE ARDERN IS PLANNING FOR NEW ZEALAND. Put all landlords and farmers out of business and there will be few rentals for anybody as the private sector currently supplies 60% or so of the market. Introduce Land Tax, Capital Gains tax, water tax, carbon tax on farmers and they too will mostly be running a loss, and before long the price of just one potato will be ten dollars.

Socialism destroys everything over time, but radical socialism proposed by Comrade Ardern will destroys everything that much quicker.

And by the way, the international Marxist bankers are behind it. They know they can’t get the government to tax working class younger people anymore (because in most cases they have less than $10,000 to their name) to service the interest on rising government debt. So now they are turning to the Middle Classes asnd ‘Baby Boomers.’ This is why the bankers who own the NZ media have been so pro-Labour and pro-Ardern, with even the Chief Economist of the ANZ Bank supporting Labour and criticizing the National Party Finance Minister. ANZ Bank (NZ) is owned by ANZ Bank (Australia) which in turn has cross shareholdings in other big Australian banks, which in turn are owned by big New York and City of London banks, in turn controlled by the “Kings Jews” who are Marxist members of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers in Guildhall, City of London Corporation.

Although Comrade Ardern is a Communist, and capable of doing a huge amount of damage, and could become PM in 2 weeks time, she is way down the socialist pecking order and is simply an individual within the socialist party faithful who Lenin often referred to as “useful idiots.”




In this link below you will see that the New Zealand Labour Party has just abruptly done a sharp “tax backtrack” as they are said to come under political pressure DURING THIS EARLY VOTING PERIOD BEFORE THE NATIONAL GENERAL ELECTION. Now the question is; Why did they do this, not much more than only one week before the election day? The simple answer is that their intelligence sources at the early Election voting booths indicated that they were losing the election because of these planned onerous yet to be announced tax impositions. So to urgently rectify this, they were pressured not by the public, but by the bankers who control the media to urgently change their position.


Today I searched the Internet to see if someone globally had written anything about “Early Voting” mind control and I found none. So as I have made a study of psychological warfare in the past and written a book about it I thought I would explain how incredibly cunning ‘Early Voting’ actually is. It is used by globalists and international bankers to mind control the masses into voting for their choice of candidate. In this case affecting New Zealand, it is Comrade Communist Jacinda Ardern, leader of the New Zealand Labour Party.

Early Voting (also sometimes called pre-poll voting or advance polling) is the process by which voters in a public election can vote prior to the scheduled election day. The stated goals of early voting are usually said to help with voter participation and relieve congestion at voting or polling booths on election day. However, the true aims have absolutely nothing to do with this whatsoever. A number of countries have implemented Early Voting, Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, 33 U.S. states, District of Columbia, etc.

Early Voting or Advance Voting has been legal in New Zealand since 2008 and opens 17 days before the election day with around 300 polling booths set up at strategic locations around the country. In the 2011 general election, for example, 334,600 advance votes were cast, representing 14.7% of all votes cast.

Voting is a method whereby any individual, group or electorate makes a decision, or expresses an opinion, following evidence presented in discussions, debates and during election campaigns to elect a leader or government. This decision reached by individual voters is then cast in a ballot. In a democracy [in reality it is far from a real democracy] , a government is chosen by voting in an election. It is very much like a 12 person court jury where jurors hear evidence from both the defense and the prosecution and then make their decision on the basis of all the evidence presented from both sides.

Now can you imagine a judge sending a jury away to decide a case, and then vote for the verdict not all at once on the same day, but gradually over seventeen days, each juror at their own whim while the final stages of the evidence from both parties is still in the process of being presented? Of course this would be ridiculous, but this is what Early Voting does in the election of any government and their is a special reason for it.

The reason is this; Early Voting allows the trend in the votes to be carefully analysed BEFORE voting day by big business and the bankers who control the media, radio and television, who can then alter their propaganda on television to correct the trend by either denigrating the candidate they don’t want and showing the candidate they do want in a much better light. To see how successful their propaganda and mind control propaganda is working they then use “polls” to (now often through television) to ascertain exactly how successful their propaganda campaign is working and then they double check it as the Advance Votes gradually come in. Using this highly deceptive method, through their control of the media just a handful of men can mind control not only a whole nation, but the entire world.

In both New Zealand and Australia a private company (whose ownership is secret) based in Sydney (with a New Zealand office) called Colmar Brunton Research Limited, works hand-in-hand with the big media organisations to complete this ring of powerful control.

Apart from people directly involved in this propaganda and the powerful individuals at the top controlling this sort of massive media control, perhaps as many as 99 per cent of the general population in each country have simply no idea they are being mind controlled at all. It is so ingenious and clever, often even the winning candidates themselves will have no idea why they may have won the election other than they, as obedient puppets, did what they were told during the campaign. Such is the case with this current general election in New Zealand who have bankers behind the scenes pulling the strings in the media who are intent on removing the incumbent from power and replacing him with a Communist buck-toothed 37 year old female straight from the Socialist International, founded by Karl Marx. Even the chief economists of the ANZ Bank and BNZ Bank have popped up out of the woodwork recently supporting the proposed onerous tax measures of this little buck-toothed Marxist.

So please. Next time you see these low level, unethical media prostitutes smiling like Cheshire cats lying to you on television, unobtrusively calling for all viewers to participate in a TV poll, remember, behind their pretty little faces is a a particularly nasty den of filthy scheming banking pirates who want to steel all your assets and pauperize you into extinction at their first opportunity.

So ends our little diatribe about our two-faced political liars and their so-called ‘democratic’ early voting polls.

In the interests of true democracy and freedom, please do feel free, whoever you are, to circulate this disgusting little revelation – worldwide as soon as possible! Because, ultimately, if this incredibly sophisticated level of mind control is not stopped, if used on a global basis, it has the potential to one day be deviously used to mind control the whole world to worship a global dictator.




Did you see this Fabian Socialist (Communist) economist on New Zealand TV this morning supporting the Labour Party actually saying we must look on increasing “Tax as Love.” Honestly. How sick can you get really? Do you really think this is true? And yet the TV presenters agreed with him and laughed! This is worse than insanity and if the Labour Party get in with these sort of socialist deceivers advising them like this, they will destroy this country within five years or less. This is the reason why virtually all countries now have single digit levels of growth – socialist economists.

University educated economists like this, and there are millions of them around the world, that don’t even understand the very basic laws of economics which say when you increase tax above 10%, over a ten year period, both the taxpayer and the government end up with less money. Simplified, if you increase tax above 10%, as it increases the destruction of a nation’s wealth, the rate of increase is proportional to the level of tax increase. If you increase tax, for example, to 25%, over just a 10 year period, the taxpayer ends up with about 50% less and the government ends up with 50% less revenue. But if you increase the tax to 50%, over a 10 year period, both the taxpayer and government ENDS UP WITH ABOUT TEN TIMES LESS than if the tax had remained at just 10%. This is a basic immutable economic law, that if broken, will destroy an entire nation and in itself create massive poverty. IT is not just my opinion. It is a basic economic law. If you want to alleviate poverty and create wealth and prosperity for a nation you must REDUCE TAXES TO TEN PER CENT – NOT INCREASE THEM.

All these basic laws of economics limiting tax (called tithes) to just 10 per cent are outlined very clearly in the Bible Old Testament. Over and above this ten per cent tax, those who are especially blessed are encouraged to give more “freewill offerings” as well but these are VOLUNTARY.To control inflation, the irresponsible growth of credit and the monopolization of banks, the Torah expressly commands that all loans be written off every fiftieth year, called the year of Jubilee. When righteous Jews one day take over the global banking system, as is prophesied, and these socialist destroyers are removed from power, these are among the many basic economic laws the Jews will follow.

One day, I hope to produce a simple taxation graph for these highly educated socialist economic incompetents, and prove to them, once and for all, they ALL DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! Mr Shamubeel Eaqub will clearly know, for example, that Capital Gains Tax in nearby Australia now is levied at the taxpayer’s top marginal tax rate in the year any given property is sold and that is currently 45% after the 50% discount (which the Labour Party incidentally want to abolish). Are we to believe this madness, which he supports, that these onerous taxes at this repressive level are going to improve the lot for poor people by taxing the middles class farmers and property owners at 45% out of existence? Really, you have to be out of your mind to believe this itinerant rubbish. The truth is taxes at this level ultimately will destroy any economy, including our own.

Hence, it goes without saying, one can predict in advance what the prosperity [or poverty] of any given nation will be in ten years time or more, simply by calculating the economic growth from the average tax rate over the period.

I know it may seem difficult to accept or understand for many working class people, that the socialist policy to implement higher taxes on the rich and middle class property owners supposedly to pay for better health and education, housing and so on for the poor, all sounds very good and dandy. But the real truth is, it is a demonic deception and a lie. Because all higher taxes destroy production and growth and therefore growth in taxes, thereby massively increasing poverty. If you genuinely wish to help the poor, then drastically lower taxes across the board to no more than ten per cent on the highest earners included. Most do not understand that if for example you increase taxes to 75% on high income earning dentists, then three quarters of the horrendous price of just one dental filling goes direct to the tax man, that the poor man when he voted for the increased taxes, was so stupid he did not to realize he, in the end, had to pay those taxes himself as they were passed on.


As I’ve said before about our imminent Election. New Zealand is now at the “crossroads” between freedom and prosperity or the implementation of radical socialism. And yes, the controlled mainstream media that gives these deceived people airtime has got a lot to answer for hasn’t it?

Do you understand how serious and monumental this election really is?



– Losers Take Power
October 15, 2017
By Dr Muriel Newman


Labour may target ‘extremist’ views on vaccination
15 March 2017


The Global Socialist Takeover Is Coming to Your Country!