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‘Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Cancer Treatment!’

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July 4th, 2009

We live in an age of great discoveries and inventions. ‘Medical breakthroughs’ occur almost monthly, especially those directed towards the common cold, diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, obesity and weight concerns. I have talked about diabetes, heart and blood pressure, obesity and other health concerns in previous articles, and would now like to share with you an interesting „folk-remedy‟ for all types of cancers. The ingredients are simply baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and pure maple syrup.

The Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Cancer treatment focuses on delivering a shock-wave of high alkalinity to cancerous cells. When maple syrup and baking soda (which must be aluminium-free; in the US, aluminium is known as aluminum) are mixed and slowly heated the mixture foams and binds together. Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than normal healthy cells, so when they take in the sweet syrup, the sugar-loving cancer cells also consume the highly alkaline sodium bicarbonate, shooting up the cells pH – killing it very quickly by allowing trillions more oxygen molecules into the cell. It is well-known that cancerous cells cannot live in a high oxygen level environment.

The bicarb-soda treatment acknowledges that cancer cells crave glucose, so sending in the maple syrup is like giving the cancer cells a present. They have a wonderful time gobbling up the glucose, but not for long, as they very quickly start dying.

To make: Mix 1 level teaspoon of aluminium-free baking soda with 3 teaspoons of 100% pure maple syrup (not maple- flavoured or artificial brands). Heat gently on a low heat, stirring constantly for 3 to 4 minutes until „frothy‟. Allow to cool. Take several teaspoons daily, followed with a teaspoon of water to rinse mouth.
The mixture can be taken throughout the day, and for cancer concerns a large teaspoon dose 4 or 5 times daily initially for 7 to 8 days is best. After that cut back to 1 teaspoon 3 times daily for up to 3 months.
It is a harmless but fast and effective treatment because it is so quickly taken up in the blood and drawn into the cells. A general mass of 2 to 4 centimeters will begin to shrink from the third to fourth day, and collapses from the fourth to the fifth.

I can vouch for this treatment, for I have had the occasion to offer the information to a very sick elderly cancer patient who a month and a half ago was about to have the „plug pulled‟. He had five weeks of initial herbal tonics and Celtic sea salt, and recently took this treatment. Within hours of taking the sweet mixture he was up out of bed and not long after was walking around his gardens abounding with renewed energy. Family and people around him were stunned at the amazing „Lazareth-like‟ transformation.

“There is not a tumour on God’s green earth that cannot be licked with a little baking soda and maple syrup” – that is the astonishing claim of folk healer „Jim Kelmun‟ who says this simple home remedy can stop and reverse the deadly growth of cancers.

“Doctor Jim cured me of lung cancer” said farmer Ian Roadhouse. “Those doctors told me I was a goner and had less than 6 months to live. But Doc Jim put me on his mixture and in a couple of months the cancer was gone – didn’t even show up on the x-rays”.

If any readers out there try this treatment I would dearly like to hear how they fare.

Malcolm Harker

‘Maple Syrup and Bicarbonate of Soda Treatment Update!’


with Malcolm K. Harker MHD

November 17th, 2009

Dear Readers,

As promised (in the Maple and Bicarb article, July 2009), I have an update on the elderly gentleman mentioned in the article, who had terminal cancer which had spread throughout his body. At the time of switching off his life-support he had a prognosis of only days to live. The life-support machine in the hospital had been switched off to allow him to die without interference.

He was given the maple / bicarb mixture that same evening, and then every 2 hours. Within 36 hours of his first dose he was up and about, walking around his garden, and in fact was back to work within days.

On the morning of 11th September we were informed that the gentleman had undergone his latest tests, and the Doctors were ‘blown away’, because all signs of the cancer were gone, the tumors had disappeared – he was completely free of the disease! Tests showed normal blood condition and that his arteries and veins had strengthened. They were baffled and couldn’t understand why!! He had also not long ago had an angina attack, but there was now no signs of it, nor any scarring on his heart.

The gent of course was elated and continued his natural regime. As of this article, this gentleman has changed his lifestyle habits, diet, and continues to take a nutritional herbal formula especially made for him. A chronic skin condition he’d had for some years is now almost completely cleared, his energy levels are amazing, and he regularly flies up and down the country as part of his work – at age 83! He continues to take a daily tonic dose of the maple syrup and bicarbonate of soda mixture.

Further to this update, I have been corresponding with another gentleman who also has (terminal) cancer, as well as diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic psoriasis. He was put onto a similar regime as the above gent back in July, which he has adhered to. His sister has been the ‘go between’ writing all his emails and on the evening of the 20th September she sent the following email update;

“Hello Mr. Harker,

I just wanted to share with you the latest news of my brother’s progress. The cell cancer count has gone from 9012 down to 930. That’s so fantastic! The medical team has told him whatever he’s doing to keep doing it, we are all so excited……my brother has asked me to thank you from him.
Kind regards,

On Monday the 9th November I received my first direct email from Karen’s brother. Below is part of his email;
“…I first noticed blood in my stool and went and got tests done to see what the problem was. I had a colonoscopy done and this is when they picked up the cancer in the bowel. I then went and had a CT scan at which point they found the cancer had spread to the kidneys and liver, it had just started to infect the lungs, up until this point I did not feel any discomfort and was still working 10 to 12 hour days. This all happened late May early to June 2009. I went back to the oncologist unaware of the results of the CT scan, and with my wife sat down with the oncologist thinking that an operation would cure my sickness. However that was not to be, instead we were told that there was nothing that could be done for me and that I had 6 months to live if I was lucky, to put this news mildly we were devastated. We had to come home and face our children and the rest of our family, all this took place in the space of 2 weeks. It was around the same time I started your treatment. …my (cancer) cell count was 9500 when I started and (after latest tests) is currently down around 350…… I am not going to stop your (maple syrup and bicarb) mix…..……I have a good feeling about the mixture I am taking and believe it is what is curing me.”

This middle aged man continues on with his new dietary regime, herbal tonics and the syrup mix. His other health issues also continue to improve as he gets stronger.

Since the first article on the Maple syrup and Bicarb mixture I have had many requests for the recipe. I have included it again for anyone wanting to try the formula themselves.

To make: Mix 1 level teaspoon of aluminium-free baking soda („Hansells‟ brand, available in New Zealand in The Waipu Fruit & Vege store, ph 09 432 1476) with 3 teaspoons of 100% pure maple syrup (not maple flavoured or artificial brands). Heat gently on a low heat, stirring constantly for 3 to 4 minutes until ‘frothy’. Allow to cool. Take several teaspoons daily, followed with a teaspoon of water to rinse mouth.

The mixture can be taken throughout the day, and for cancer concerns a large teaspoon dose 4 or 5 times daily initially for 7 to 8 days is best. After that cut back to 1 teaspoon 3 times daily for up to 3 months.
Please note; heat maple and bicarb on lowest heat, slowly, whilst continually stirring. It will go a caramel colour, to a lighter frothy mixture, then it is ready. Do not allow to burn, the taste is most unpleasant. It should taste very much like hokey pokey, and a swig of water will dispel the sweet after taste. For even better results (especially for the heart and circulatory system), stir in 2 squirts (or ¼ teaspoon) of the liquid Magnesium Chloride („Ancient Minerals‟ or „Clinicians‟ brands are available from Pharmacies and some Health shops) to each dose of maple / bi-carb syrup.

Good Health!

Malcolm Harker



The best way to use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is incorporated with pure maple syrup and heated above 300 degrees Celsius, which converts it into anhydrous sodium carbonate in a fully soluble form of bicarb of soda that is edible and (apparently) does not have the haemoglobin-weakening effect that unheated bicarb of soda in water has. The ratio to mix and heat is 1 part baking soda to 3 parts of maple syrup. Take 3 to 4 teaspoons of the mixture daily, pre-meals for 2 to 3 weeks, via the mouth (ingestion).

Source: 100 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System – Tips 20 – 26 – By Herbalist Malcolm K. Harker – MHD


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Product Quality and Cost – Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) – Dr Mark Sircus


Here is a letter from Ken, an 82-year-old man who cured himself from cancer.

I’ve enclosed a list of the things I’ve been doing since I was given 12 months to live with cancer of the oesophagus.

On my visit to Canberra in August 2013 about the cancer, they wanted me to start immediately on chemo + radiation and surgery – a most unenjoyable journey. I asked for a month to think about it and was told I didn’t have a month and was offered two weeks. I explained I wasn’t a religious man but I was a very strong Christian and I’d put myself in the Lord’s hands. Therein ended the consultation.

Now here comes the miracle. I’ve been following an old golf pro, Don Trahan, from the USA on the internet for about 8 years now. In Oct 2013 he announced he was coming to Australia to hold some golf schools, one in Milperra Sydney. I said to my wife Beryl, “I’m going to that. I might as well go out in a blaze of glory as a reasonable golfer than die a crap golfer.”

At the school I told Don about the cancer and what I’d decided to do – I was visiting health food stores and investigating various alternative methods. Don said, “Ken, see that man sitting over there? That’s Doc Griffen, my club fitter. His father was a holistic doctor. Doc’s wife was diagnosed with very aggressive stage 4 lung cancer. Doc said to his wife “Honey, why don’t you see my dad first?” She declined, went to hospital and had all the bells and whistles of modern medicine. After all that, they sent her home with 2 months to live.

Then she decided to see Doc’s father. 6 months later she was totally free of cancer and that was over 5 years ago.

I asked Don if he’d mind me talking to Doc about my problem. Don said go and say hello, so i did.

I told Doc about my problem and what I was doing and not doing.

His first words were, “Ken, cancer lives in an acidic environment. It cannot live in an alkaline environment. So we must get the body more alkaline than acidic. The main treatment was the organic maple syrup and aluminium free baking soda: mix it 3 parts organic maple syrup +1 part (aluminium free) baking soda.

Baking Soda & Maple Syrup Cancer Remedy 4

Put it in a saucepan. Place on the stove and bring it to a simmer. Keep stirring for at least 5 minutes and put it in a glass jar.”

Doc said ‘That’s what we did and she took 3 teaspoons a day. It worked and my wife is still with us.”

At the end of our conversation doc said, “Ken, do you know the miracle of that treatment?”

I said ‘No.’

Doc replied, “Cancer loves sugar. When we ingest the mixture, the cancer cells take it in, along with the highly alkaline baking soda. Then the cancer cells literally explode. The maple syrup is like a Trojan Horse.”

(From Ken) That did it for me. I got the ingredients, went home and started it immediately.

Does it work? It is now nearly 3 years on and I’m still here. No pain! Doc’s wife is still with us

regards Ken


I just had a phone call from a mate Bruce. He’d just arrived home in Wagga after quite a trip around Australia with his wife Kay. He said, “Ken, I’m going to tell you a story you won’t believe. In a little town near Ayres Rock we stopped at a truck stop and went into the café to get something to eat. I saw a coffin leaning against the wall with a man’s name on it and with date of birth and date of death.

I asked the proprietor ‘what’s the story?’ He said 5 years ago he was diagnosed with aggressive leukaemia and he refused all treatment. Some weeks later an old truckie mate stopped to see him and gave him what he described as a cure for cancer.

Bruce said but what about the coffin? The proprietor said “The name is mine. The date of birth is mine. The burial date was when I was told I’d be dead if I didn’t have medical treatment.”

“I chose to follow the info my truckie mate gave me. That was 5 years ago.”

I said what was the treatment? He said “organic maple syrup and aluminium free baking soda”.

As far as I’m concerned, 3 outta 3 ain’t bad.

pps (from Ken) it is now 21/3/2016 I had another MRI scan and the doctor said he has never met anyone who is still alive after almost 3 years and looking very well after refusing any medical treatment.


Baking Soda and Maple Syrup Cancer Treatment
Jim Kelmun Protocol Supplemental Cancer Treatment

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– Inhibitory effect of maple syrup on the cell growth and invasion of human colorectal cancer cells


It seems sensible to take baking soda on a short term basis only, rather than for a prolonged time period, because of its effects on the pH of the stomach acids and their ability to digest proteins.


Would readers who have used the baking soda & maple syrup mixture please share their experiences in the comment section below the article. Thank you – your feedback is appreciated!


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