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An Interview With Dr. Archie Kalokerinos MD

Dr Kris Gaublomme MD, Belgium, editor of the Ínternational Vaccination Newsletter, interviews Australian Dr A Kalokerinos MD, Australia; the interview was first published in the IVN in June 1995. It is hardly necessary to introduce Dr. Kalokerinos. He is well known worldwide as the doctor who spent much of his time fighting for the wellbeing […]

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Homeopathic CEASE Therapy – Dr Tinus Smits MD

Based on his experiences as a homeopath, the Dutch doctor Tinus Smits MD devised a homeopathic healing system to address, alleviate and where possible reverse vaccine-related injuries and disorders, including autism. He named his therapy CEASE, which stands for ‘Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression’. Dr Smits worked and gained experience with 300 patients and […]

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