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Parents in Lagos, Nigeria, push their polio-affected children in wheelchairs as they beg from passing motorists.

– 53,000 Paralysis Cases in India From Polio Vaccine In A Year – NPAFP Identical to Polio But Twice as Deadly

– New Paper – Polio Vaccine – Disease Caused by Vaccine Twice As Fatal – Third World Duped – Scarce Money Wasted – Polio Eradication Impossible
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– Bill Gates Polio Eradication Plans – To Cause The Polio Equivalent of 235 Years of Cases Of A Twice As Deadly Disease
Posted on January 30, 2013 by ChildHealthSafety

– Polio outbreak sparked by vaccine, experts say


Questioning The Dalai Lama: Who Would The Buddha Vaccinate?


Kihura Nkuba is the founder of Greater African Radio and president of The East African World Broadcasters Association and director of the Pan African Center For Strategic and International Studies.

Several years ago he began hearing from villagers who were being subjected to repeated forced live polio oral vaccinations despite reports of injuries and deaths among the children. On his radio program he began to speak out and question the safety of giving the children, especially the children with HIV, so many live oral polio vaccinations rather than giving them the safer killed polio vaccines used in the U.S and Canada. Since that time he has been persecuted by the government, UNICEF, The World Health Organisation (WHO), and his radio station has been driven into bankruptcy. There had even been an attempt made on his life. Kihura had appeared at this presentation at great personal and professional risk in order to tell his story.


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– Mercury, Autism & The Global Vaccine Agenda : Dr David Ayoub M.D.

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Watch the cruelty of vaccines first hand, as this young Thai girl is brutalised by the medical establishment