Addictions promoted as mind control

Why Addiction and Control Are Connected

Jason Christoff

Most addicts will admit “they feel completely out of control” with their addiction yet most will never realize that “feeling out of control” is what can start addiction in the first place. Our culture is based on giving up our control and out sourcing it to others, in contravention of what a human needs in order to feel safe, secure and at peace with themselves. From the time a child enters their school years, the theme of “your time isn’t your own” is pounded into our collective psyche. This theme means we lack control in our lives and this “no control” theme is pounded into us with additional schooling, jobs, marriage, kids, how a tyrannical government rules over us, how we act, what we think, what’s acceptable, what we say etc etc

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Everything from out taxes being “jacked” off our pay cheques to the the time of year we’re “permitted” to go on vacation, our world drowns the average person in a life of “no control”. So then the tyrannical forces who rule over us in clever ways setup on the public stage the alcohol, the cigarettes, the weed, the meds, the junk food, the shopping, the internet porn etc etc and those clever forces state, “HEY, you enslaved bastards, you feel like you need to control something? Come control these destructive substances to satisfy your need for control because we’ve fabricated a fake and painful existence where you have no control. So by becoming an addict you uninformed slave you can not only fake yourself into believing you can control something (like addiction) but you get to feel less pain regarding your slavery.” Most people bite into this life of perpetual crisis….hook, line and sinker.

Addiction is often a need to regain control in an out of control world. Addiction is also a pathway to lessening one’s pain. Here’s the trick. You need to know that 1) your existence was made painful on purpose by ancient ruling families who farm and harness your pain 2) the people who do this need to be taken down but you’ll never really come face to face with them 3) so the best way to get back at them is to stay clean, stop giving them your money and use your pain energy to catapult yourself into a better life. There’s no greater waste of your life than working a job you don’t really enjoy, to have your money jacked by ruling families who masquerade as altruistic governments and then to walk home depressed and consume the addictions those psychopaths distribute in your community and advertise as the good life using the lame stream media they also control. Move the hate over to where it belong. Hate the ruling families so much that you refuse to be sick and you make your life about healthy living. There’s no greater way to enslave yourself than to be in debt or live cheque to cheque because you get shitfaced and high down at the bar every Friday night. That’s what they want so don’ do it. Walk away. Not one penny more needs to be given to the forces who enslave us and who organize a life of misery for the common person. Shut the slave machine down by bankrupting the sickness based system. Cut the head off the dragon by staying healthy.





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