Blind belief in authority a hypnotic state

This interesting May 28, 2016 response by soothsayer to Dane Wigington’s excellent article Betrayal, The Climate Engineering Cover-Up By The Media, The US Military, And Academia of May 25, 2016 is also very relevant to the vaccination issue.

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Erwin Alber

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Dane, I commend your talent for cutting right to the core of the dire issues we are all facing. For example, the first sentence of this article provides us with a deep insight into the public’s hypnotically-induced reduction of critical thinking skills and mental capacities:

“Our society is taught and conditioned to accept the dictates and opinions of the so called “experts” without questioning their conclusions.”

The phenomenon that you’ve described can be accurately defined as hypnosis. What is hypnosis? Very simply, it is acting upon the unquestioned acceptance of an idea or concept which had been disseminated from an authority figure, implanted through suggestion into one’s mind while in a trance-state.

A trance state is an easily induced altered state of mind that presents a greatly increased level of suggestibility. A multitude of various daily activities such as watching television or staring at electronic gadgets (or even just walking down a grocery store isle) induces an altered mental state – an hypnotic trance state that is potentially addictive.

We are all living (to some degree) in a shared hypnotic experience. While we are in a trance state, our minds become much more open to covert manipulation through the power of suggestion. The use of hypnosis creates a perfect opportunity to “sell” unwary individuals within society upon “buying into” a product or an idea (or a scam). Hypnosis provides authorities with an excellent opportunity to effectively manipulate a targeted individual or group’s desires, emotions, and mental state for nefarious purposes.

Geoengineering and its destructive effect upon the our health and our environment is happening in plain view right over our heads and all around us, yet a vast majority of folks are in denial of this obvious reality. How can normal people become so stupid and gullible as to accept the ongoing narrative of lies and deceptions which falsely assure everyone that geoengineering (and omnicide) is not happening? The answer is simple – acceptance is manufactured and manipulated through the use of widespread mass hypnosis and highly indoctrinated self-hypnosis.

Most everyone has seen and enjoyed entertaining presentations of stage hypnosis being performed by professional hypnotists. These performances readily demonstrate how easily people can be hypnotized into perceiving all sorts of things that are not real. Such demonstrations of hypnosis also provide insight into how easily either an individual or group’s perceptions can be controlled – without any conscious awareness of the deep psychological manipulation which is taking place.

There are many amazing examples that demonstrate just how powerful the phenomenon of hypnotic suggestion can be, and of the degree in which people willing participate in allowing themselves to be hypnotized and mind-controlled. Yet, most people in society remain completely unaware of how often in their daily lives they unconsciously allow themselves to be subjected to hypnotic suggestions. Nowadays, its quite common to observe people embracing their ongoing mental enslavement by spending every possible minute of their waking hours in a full-time MSM-induced hypnotic trance state, leaving themselves wide open to each and every suggestion they may encounter.

Hypnosis can also be defined as: one person having power over another. That makes hypnosis and very dangerous tool or weapon in the wrong hands. 100% of all people can potentially be hypnotized (no one is invulnerable.) The most powerful type of hypnosis is strictly one of communication. It is subtle and covert. Most people simply cannot recognize when they are being hypnotized.

Hypnosis is the non-critical (unquestioning) acceptance of ideas or concepts on a sub-conscience level. HYPNOSIS OCCURS WHEN ONE PERSON SAYS SOMETHING, AND ANOTHER PERSON BELIEVES IT TO BE TRUE AND THEN ACTS UPON IT AS IF IT IS TRUE.

Self-hypnosis happens when I say something to myself, believe that it is true, and then act upon it as if it is true.

Hypnosis invariably occurs when we listen to authority figures instead of our own common sense and intuition. Hypnosis is rooted in our assumption (and poorly placed trust) of authority figures, and perhaps more importantly, in our willingness to act upon erroneous or false beliefs as if they were true.

People willingly fall into hypnosis so they won’t have to be responsible for their own actions. When one hands power over themselves along to someone else (usually an authority figure), they also very conveniently hand over their sense of responsibility (for their thoughts, words, and actions).

Unethical authority figures present their own version of the “truth” that best serves themselves and their twisted, criminal, and insanely dangerous and destructive agendas. Psychopathic leaders embedded in the military/corporate/government matrix with vested interests in acquiring ever greater amounts of wealth and power have the means at their disposal to trick an unwary populace into believing in certain particular concepts or ideas. They effectively use modern technology to easily deceive the masses into believing that it is in their highest and best purpose/interest to believe (without questioning or doubting) in the never-ending string of lies, deceptions, and horrors which the PTB are selling society upon.

Once again, we are all living in a shared hypnotic experience. That is why it is imperative for all people to wake up and become acutely aware of the biased beliefs and psy-op programs that our society is now being endlessly subjected to. Our informed awareness and mindful resistance nullifies the PTB’s insidious power to covertly control us through trance-induced hypnosis.

The first step to regaining balance is getting past the hypnosis. We must return to seeing things for what they really are, without blindly accepting opinions from authority figures and so-called “experts”. We should instead, wait to see things objectively after doing our own research and investigations. Only then can we begin to construct an informed opinion. Once we have fully awakened, we must commit to doing our part, uniting together, and working to create effective peaceful countermeasures and strategies to neutralize and reverse the onslaught of the hypnotically induced stupidity and disguised slavery which our culture and society is currently being slowly but surely choked to death with.

As painful as it is, the resolution to most of our problems is to wake up from our hypnotic trance state, to take a realistic look at what is actually going on, strip away all the delusions and false perceptions, strip away all the false beliefs, and even if it is extremely painful to look at it, acknowledge what is really happening to us all.

Just as we can willfully allow ourselves to be hypnotized and indoctrinated, we can also effectively de-hypnotize ourselves and counter our cultic mind-controlling indoctrination. Being aware and objective can prevent any further handing over control of ourselves to others (to unethical and corrupt authority figures). By being awake, aware, and objective we can effectively counteract the subtle mind control techniques employed by psychopathic control-freak authority figures, who are using hypnosis to covertly lead the entire population of the planet down a bitter path of the bankster’s NWO neo-feudalism and enslavement, and even worse – to the complete and utter destruction of all life as we know it.

Will those of us who have become awake and aware turn their backs and obediently bow down before the gods of chaos and destruction, allowing the impending omnicide to occur without lifting a finger to stop it? Or will we each take responsibility to preserve life and liberty by taking whatever action we possibly can to stop the insidious Death Machine.

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