Registered Nurses Speak

I’m an RN.. And I’m the first to admit the system is full of brainwashed people and that the system is extremely corrupt.

I’m a likable person (it seems) so I make friends easy with doctors I work with.. I can tell you, most have no clue WTF they are doing. Google is their diagnostic tool, repetition is their method. I’ve had so many docs ask me what I thought should be prescribed and to please write the order for them and sign their name. Granted they are newer.. But as new doctors this is their method of learning. If I say prednisone for inflammation, they remember and the next patient with similar symptoms gets prednisone.. Just because they repeat what was done previously.

They don’t know anything about nutrition and they know even less about vaccines. I know this, it isn’t a theory.. I’ve experienced it first hand and yet will still have idiots tell me I’m wrong. They can’t wrap their tiny brains around the fact that doctors aren’t saviors. They are humans trying to make money at their job like the rest of us. They are told that what they promote isn’t harmful and so it’s easier for them to believe that than to question the system they are indebted to. They are shunned if they question the status quo.

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I hear nurses say ALL the time..
“I worked too hard for my degree” to do XYZ. Nursing school is like signing up for 3 to 4 years of hazing. It is not easy. Mostly because of the amount of work and the clinical hours required in such a short period of time. Medical School is not easy because they cram too much theory in and you have no time to breathe.. So when you finally make it out you are too scared to question the system and to risk losing the license you worked your ass off for. You’d also have to be willing to admit you wasted your time.

I know I wasted my time. I’ll admit it. I am not able to be a nurse to my patients. I’m a drug pusher who is chained to a computer to document the drug pushing.. I tell my patients, fill out the surveys and tell them “my nurse was too busy to nurse me because she was too busy nursing the computer”.. The computer that you are told is to prevent errors in actuality is there to prevent lawsuits and cover hospitals’ ass.. If I write I did something it’s written in stone and that’s all they care about.. What is written. Nurses think it’s protecting them but the hospital will always throw you under the bus to save themselves. ?

Anyway, I could go on all day. I wish I went into astrophysics.. Or geology.. I never thought in a million years I’d be in this position.. The crazy conspiracy theorist nurse.. I didn’t sign up for this.. But I’m not going to pretend everything is ok when it’s not just because it’s easier. I also could give a shit what people think of my views.. I am aware most of these people are just a product of their environments.. They have been indoctrinated. They are damaged individuals, I feel sorry for them in a way. I guess I’m lucky, my difficult past gave me insight so many “cookie cutter” types lack.

Samantha Jones


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