Eric’s Story

In 1991 Eric was born a healthy baby. He was happy, never cried – well except when he was hungry – and had the biggest smile.

Like all parents at 6 months we took him for his vaccinations thinking we were doing the best for our child. But in my gut I knew something was wrong – I had a voice telling me no don’t do it but I didn’t listen. We knew something was wrong that night after we took him home. He would cry all the time – we called the Dr. and he said it was normal.

Seven days later Eric had his first seizure his eyes rolled back in his head he turned blue and got stiff as if he were dead. We rushed him to the ER they ran all kinds of tests but nothing. We went home after a night stay and watched Eric 24=7 praying we would never see him do this again. Little did we know it was the beginning of our nightmare. Eric had 24 seizures 2 weeks later then 50 a month later then more and more we watch our baby slip away to just a rag doll.
We last saw our Angel smile in 1992 after 17 stays in the hospital in ICU and once on life support.

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We now know after years of testing and a Dr telling us that Eric had a reaction to the DPT vaccine. So I spend my time taking care of my son and spreading his story. Know BEFORE you Vaccinate!

Capture1 This is my son in 2009, aged 17. He is the size of a 5-year-old.

Cannabis Or CBD oil has given us a part of our child back. It has stopped his seizures for 3 months and longer. Please help us keep him seizure free and to spread the word – see campaign below. This can happen to your child!


Thank you and God Bless – Ronnie Prine

one4eric campaign

Vaccines caused my son to have 100 uncontrollable seizures a day since he was 6 1/2 months old, till we started him on CBD cannabis oil.

Today Eric is 22 years old. He is still the size of a 5 year old and still has to have 24=7 care. He has never walked or talked.


Our goal is to raise awareness to the fact that vaccines cause harm and to help buy cannabis oil. At 50 shirts sold, this Booster will raise $560 for to help buy cannabis oil [CBD] to control Eric’s seizures.



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