Autism is reversible – and avoidable!

Along with the increasing number of vaccines added to the vaccination schedule, there has been a corresponding huge and ongoing increase in autism and other neurological disorders in children.


Causes of autism

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While genetics may also be involved, it appears that the epidemic of autism and chronic ill-health in children is almost exclusively caused by environmental factors, especially vaccines.

Other environmental factors which may cause or contribute to autism are:

– Rhogam injection
– toxic mercury load from coal fired power stations and/or mercury amalgam fillings
– ultrasound pregnancy scans
– drugs the mother was given during pregnancy and childbirth
– electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic emissions
– pesticides and other toxins in food and water


Vaccine Injury Awareness Month; The Truth From a Broken Parent – Natalie Steffen, October 27, 2015


The risk of a child getting autism can be greatly reduced by keeping one’s child vaccine free and also by avoiding or minimising the other risk factors mentioned earlier.


In spite of claims to the contrary by the medical establishment, autism can in many cases be alleviated and/or reversed.

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