Illusions versus Reality

Plato and the world of illusion: The Martrix described over 2000 years ago

Narrated by Orson Welles

Plato described the problem of the barriers to humanity’s access to knowledge over 2,000 years ago.

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You’d think that being that Plato is considered one of the founding thinkers of western thought that this selection from his writing would be taught in every school.

It’s not.

Instead history books refer to it and make is sound so complicated that only a PhD in philosophy can figure it out.

In fact, this is not the case.

This is the actual text straight from Plato (translated into English) and read by Orson Welles.

Nothing complicated about it – but every illuminating which is why it’s not taught in school.


The problem with many people is they tie their ego into certain beliefs and certain things.
If you’re whole concept of self (ego) is tied into and depends on believing certain things. You are way too vulnerable. You cannot adapt.

What if it’s wrong? What if someone told you a lie? What if they are mistaken? What if the majority of people believe this lie or mistaken belief?

Believing this lie or mistaken belief can make you feel too comfortable – too complacent.
I believe what everyone else believes. I feel comfortable. I don’t have to do anything – end of story.

What happens if eventually it’s proved wrong?

Your whole ego is devastated – ruined – that’s awful – we can’t cope – we fall apart.

We are not what we believe. We are far greater than that.

I am still intact – even after I am proved wrong.

I am not destroyed – by being wrong about something.

You really have to read History to understand the concept.

The world is flat. We all believe it. So lets attack and shun people who say the world is round.

They are liars and only we know the truth.

Lets kill them – why don’t we?

Then we will feel more comfortable. No more dissention.

Now we can be happy. Problem solved.

Are we really right?

Do we – and only we know the truth?

Do we? Do we really?

What proof have we got apart from what others tell us? These others may be wrong!

What if hundreds of people told you a lie or a mistaken belief – would that make it the truth?

People are very similar. They get some information and they believe it?

Why not? – Because life is not that simple.

You have to use you God given creative and intuitive thinking.

Think!! – Does it make sense? Does it feel intuitively right?

Do you think maybe there’s something wrong with what you are being told?

Do you feel intuitively that it doesn’t make sense?

These are warning signs – don’t ignore them. We are programmed to evolve and survive and find the truth.

That’s evolution – That is what evolution is all about.

That is what has brought us so far and will bring us so much further.

As Humans, we evolve – knowledge evolves, otherwise it stagnates.

We improve – we learn – we evolve – we change – we grow and we seek the truth.

Always the truth – Nothing else is sufficient.

Nothing else will bring us forward. Lies and deception will only hold us back. Keep us from moving forward. Keep us in the dark – keep us from evolution.

As humans we hate being in the dark. We need to know the truth.

Like homing pigeons – we need to find home – the truth.

We need to know – we need to progress.

To hell with your “oh so fragile individual egos” they are nothing compared to the Evolution of the species and finding the peace and satisfaction of the truth.

If you cannot evolve and move with the times and seek the truth – you are a Dinosaur and you are extinct! – Get out of here! – Let our species move on without you. You can only hold us back for so long and then truth will out.

That’s Evolution -You can’t stop it. It will move on with or without you.



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