Recovering Autism, ADHD, & Special Needs

AMAZON Book Review by Cindy Walsh

This is a very practical book and full of facts every parent should know.

There are 3 main points that I can say about Shelley’s book Recovering Autism, ADHD, and Special Needs.

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One is that Shelley Tzorfas knows her facts. She explains clearly all about the toxins in the vaccines and the damages that they cause including a well documented chart about the ingredients in specific vaccines and another chart that showed how disease rates went down before the creation of vaccines. She also knows how to get around the school system for all different types of disabilities and how to address them in the school system.

The Education system in my view is stuck twenty years too late on how to deal with kids on the spectrum. There are practical usable ideas that Shelley offers to give our kids good quality help right now when it’s needed. The schools need to catch up to what the parents who have lived it already know. The Individual Education Plan should not be generic as Shelley puts it and should include the needs of your child not just changing the name on the top of the form as some schools allow this to happen. If you are stuck on how to handle the situation at school for your child read Shelley’s helpful advice.

Shelley also explains the future for kids on the spectrum because that’s an issue that is going to be needed out of urgency because we have already reached an era where the kids with autism are no longer kids and are aging out of school and in some cases going to college. This is an important need for our families and she gives explicit options for this community that needs love and understanding as they age out of the school system.

I highly recommend this book for new families who need to now how to get through the school system and get the best services available for their child because if the autism rates continue as they are, every child will have an IEP and some kind of label. Let’s all work together to help our kids now.

Cindy Walsh, mother of identical twins almost recovered from autism.


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