To Vaccinate Or Not?

“Any well-informed parent knows more about vaccination than the average doctor.”
Dr Eva Snead MD, USA

Whether to vaccinate or not is a vitally important decision parents are faced with. Unfortunately many parents blindly follow the recommendations of the authorities or of their doctor without researching the vaccination issue for themselves and so fail to make an informed choice on behalf of their child.

The medical establishment promotes the view that life itself is an emergency to be managed by medical interventions. The truth is that health is our natural state which is safeguarded by healthy living and by not interfering with nature in unnatural ways such as injecting our or our children’s organisms with toxic chemicals and biological agents. This video shows the inner life of a cell:

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One can only imagine the devastation resulting from the injection of highly toxic chemicals and biological agents into this miraculous world.


It is important to realise that the medical-pharmaceutical establishment is primarily profit-driven and not motivated by concern for our or our children’s health and well-being.


The information on this page was chosen to help parents to protect and promote their child’s health and to warn them that vaccines are likely to be the greatest threat to their children and their family they are likely to encounter.

Erwin Alber
Founder, Vaccination Information Network (VINE)




We are told that vaccines have eradicated smallpox and largely eliminated polio, that the benefits of vaccinations far outweigh the risks and that high vaccination rates are important to ensure “herd immunity”. None of these claims are true. Graphs based on official statistics clearly show that vaccines had nothing to do with the remarkable decline in the number of deaths caused by infectious diseases over the past century. HERE



In developing and Third World countries, infectious diseases and vaccination programmes are both disastrous, especially for malnourished children. HERE

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All over the world, there is now also an epidemic of autism afflicting children. The increase in autism has paralleled the increase in the number of vaccines added to the childhood vaccination schedule.


In the USA, where the “recommended” vaccination schedule comprises more vaccines than in any other country (about 70 vaccines by the age of 18 years!), 1 in every 50 children now has autism. Dr Tinus Smits MD estimates that 75% of autism cases are vaccine-related. The authorities’ claims that vaccines don’t cause autism is a massive deception which has been exposed years ago by doctors and researchers like Robert F Kennedy Jr, Dr Russell Blaylock MD, Gary Null, Dr Kenneth Stoller MD and others. In the UK, Dr Andrew Wakefield was vilified, persecuted and eventually deregistered by the medical establishment for daring to bring this issue to the medical profession’s and the public’s attention. There are furthermore medical studies which show that vaccines can cause autism.

The question is therefore not whether vaccines cause autism or not, but why the people responsible for the autism epidemic and for deceiving the public are not in jail.

Autism made in USA

Read one mother’s story about her son’s vaccine-related autism HERE

There is also a vaccine-induced epidemic of diabetes, allergies, asthma, ear inflammations, ADHD and other neurological disorders as well as childhood cancers and leukemia, which is hardly surprising when one considers that babies and children whose nervous and immune systems are immature are being repeatedly and systematically poisoned with highly neurotoxic, allergenic and carcinogenic substances.


“Vaccines contain substances which are so noxious that they should not ever be injected into a human body.”
Dr Viera Scheibner PhD, Australia

It is interesting to note that in virtually every developed country in the world, concerned parents and in many cases parents of vaccine-injured children have independently of one another founded organisations to warn other parents of the dangers and the ineffectiveness of vaccinations.

“We are now very powerful. All of us parents together in the UK, all of us parents in America and in other countries – Australia – everywhere we together are a powerful force and nobody – nobody on this earth will ever harm our children and get away with it – I don’t care who they are – I don’t care how powerful they are – you have done the worst thing ever to a mother: you have harmed her child!”

Isabella Thomas, mother of vaccine-injured children

Vaccine-injured children including children suffering from vaccine-related autism may in many instances benefit from homeopathic CEASE therapy, although it is obviously far better to prevent vaccine-injuries 100% simply by keeping children vaccine-free.




The above video clip is an excerpt from the YouTube video ‘Vaccine Safety: A Crime Against Humanity’











Breaking News….Mercury is now good for kids!




It is our fundamental right to decide what goes into our or our children’s bodies. This right is innate, meaning that this right cannot be granted or withheld by the state; governments can consequently only support or violate this right.

The actual situation varies from country to country. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, parents have freedom of choice concerning vaccination. In the USA, parents can obtain a vaccine exemption for their children in 48 of the 50 states, Mississippi and West Virginia being the exception.

In some countries, such as France and Italy, some childhood vaccinations are mandatory, while in Hungary and a number of Latin American countries, including Argentina and Costa Rica, all childhood vaccinations are compulsory.




It is up to each parent to research the vaccination issue for themselves and to arrive at their own conclusion. Keeping one’s child vaccine-free is in our opinion however the only sane and safe option as vaccinations are of no benefit to anyone except to the people who profit from this bizarre, absurd and long obsolete medical intervention; this is in our opinion the case even if one opts for an alternative (delayed, spaced and/or selective) vaccination schedule. The benefits of NOT vaccinating children are enormous, as – unlike vaccinated children – vaccine-free children have intact immune systems and enjoy normal brain development.

Here are some examples of how non-vaccinating parents’ encounters with doctors and of healthy, happy and thriving vaccine-free children:


“Your page has been a great help. I chose not to vaccinate my baby and yesterday she had her 2 month well check. When I told the nurse that I was not signing the forms to let her get vaccinated, she flipped out. Then the peds Dr. came in, did her well check then said they would no longer see my little one in their office. Luckily we have one doctor in my area who will see her. I told her if the vaccinations are so great why do they need to keep my unvaccinated child away from them? The doctor replied: “I can tell that nothing I can say would change your mind.” I then took my baby girl and left. Thanks for your help and support your book is great!”

Courtney Steed Fernandez



I took our 3-yr and 6-month-old daughters for well visits today. we don’t normally but we needed a form filled out for wic so we figured why not. our kids are and will remain unvaccinated. they are well aware of this as they are the only doctor our kids have ever seen. the doc asked us to sign a vaccine refusal form which after reading i would not sign. boy did that stir up a bit of confusion. the entire office staff looked as if their heads were going to implode. the doc got really flustered. she got really nasty and said “so i guess i’ll put this in their charts and say you refused to sign it?!”. i said do what you like with it and left.

Jean-Paul Steinberg




My son just turned 4 yrs old and I have refused all vaccines to-date. I have told myself many times that I would get him vaccinated when he was older, healthy and can better handle it. I must say however, that over the past 4+ years I have become less enthusiastic about any kind of vaccine schedule.

I read thru many of the posts on your Facebook page “My child’s vaccine reaction” and have to thank you for giving me more strength to deny the requests of friends, some family and doctors to vaccinate.

My son has been to the doctor less than 5 times in his lifetime… only one well visit at 3 yrs old. He received antibiotics at 1 day old (I protested violently) because he had a temperature of 99 degrees! Or you freaking serious? The entire pediatric team at University of Michigan MOTT hospital verbally abused me for over an hour till I agreed! and another antibiotics sequence when he was about 2 because of an upper respiratory infection our entire family was afflicted with – even now I regret that one!

My son is healthier, and smarter than every child I know! On his 1 well visit my family DO (we don’t see a pediatrician for obvious reasons)… my doctor admitted after testing him that my son has a photographic memory and excels in all milestones.

I am so sorry for all the moms and dads who listen to their doctors and their children are harmed or killed. My prayers that you will find peace. For everyone else… stay strong and refuse anything that affects the child’s immune system.

Lisa Satko Zsenyuk


In this video, Ros Mignogna talks about her decision to keep her child vaccine-free:


This is a recent picture of unvaccinated daughter Laura Ann. She just turned three this past July. She has never been sick.
Laura Ann’s mother


Vaccine free brothers, Thailand


Vaccine free sisters from New Zealand at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand


Neither of my children are vaccinated and have been very healthy. My tutor as I trained as a naturopath told me that children gather another amazing developmental milestone after a childhood illness. It was certainly true for my two. I just want to add that I do not judge any decision any parent makes, this was just mine based on my intuition of if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. I use homeopathy.
Susan K.


My daughter Ella who is my only unvaccinated child! What a difference compared with my other children!


I have one partially vaccinated daughter and one who is completely vaccine-free. The partially vaccinated daughter gets sick a lot more and much more severely.


Hey. I just wanted to share a picture of my 100% vaccine free child. He’s 15 months and very happy, healthy, and active. He’s been advanced since day 1 and I’m so glad I don’t have to wonder what he would be like if his system wasn’t poisoned.



My Radiant Healthy Happy And Bright boy

Silje Tosdal



Hi my name is Sara and that is my daughter at 2 and 3 months old and my son at 1 month old.
I just wanted to share that the three of us have NEVER been vaccinated not even at birth, but my husband got all the vaccinations. So when I got pregnant for the first time it was a struggle for us because he wanted to vaccinate and I did not! I almost gave up the fight and let him win, but then I remembered what I was fighting for! I started doing all this research and came up with enough evidence for him to start to question the whole thing and he then started to agree with me. I am so glad I got to teach my husband that vaccines are super dangerous and extremely proud that both my children have never had any vaccinations and are completely 100% healthy!

Sara Manzano


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‘How to raise a healthy child… in spite of your doctor’ by Dr Robert S Mendelsohn MD, USA

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Our medical system is using our children for an experiment with an abusive and invasive technology. The foreign protein, viruses and DNA injected affect children’s genetic make-up and wreak havoc in ways we can’t even imagine. We can no longer remain complacent or trust that health authorities have our best interest at heart or know what they are doing. We can no longer entrust the health and future of our children to a system that has long ago abandoned its guiding principle of “First, do no harm”.

Edda West, founder of the Canadian organisation VRAN


Parents need to realise that the claim that vaccines offer protection against infectious diseases is a carefully maintained myth and a dangerous illusion. Far from preventing ill-health, vaccines commonly cause adverse reactions and promote ill-health, disorders, disabilities and death. Brutalising, traumatising and poisoning defenseless babies and children for the sake of profits under the pretext of “immunising” them is medical fraud and child abuse and needs to end.


Now that a rapidly increasing number of parents opt out of vaccinating their children, the vaccine pushers are panicking and taking steps to abolish philosophical exemptions. The writing is however on the wall and it is bound to be only a matter of time before vaccination will be shunned by a majority of parents and a vaccine-free world will be restored.

Erwin Alber

First version posted on 6 September 2013


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