Vaccination, Autism and Media Control

HI Jack,
I was hoping you could give me comment on the attached info graphic on American news sources that my friend in America shared with me to ‘help’ me with knowing what news to listen to. She sent me this after I sent her a Natural News article. We are in a discussion about what is happening in America and I’d like to help her start to see the bigger picture. I know many of the middle media outlets in the graph are probably owned by a handful of companies.
I thought you might know as my internet search was not conclusive enough.

What are your thoughts on Natural News and Mike Adams who runs it? He seems brilliant to me….

Thanks! Grace

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Hi Grace,


First, re that graph of media reliability by Vanessa Otero in Denver Colorado. Really, although she is an attorney, she quite frankly hasn’t got a clue!
I agree with you, Mike Adams producer of NATURAL NEWS is a wonderful guy and he has helped countless numbers of people to wake up. Some of his articles are simply superb! What Vanessa Otero obviously doesn’t like is the hard truth, because she chooses to believe the worst of the mainstream press.


The truth is, today only about 6 major corporations control 90% of the media in America, and hence, indirectly the rest of the world as well. These 6 major corporations are: General Electric, News Corp and Disney (controlled by Rupert Murdoch), Viacom, Time Warner and CBS.

The biggest shareholder in all these companies is VANGUARD GROUP, a giant US-based asset manager that acts as a secret proxy for British City of London banks. The name “Vanguard” is taken from Horatio Nelson’s flagship and it is the logo of the company still. Yes. They are cheeky!

Just to quickly illustrate the enormous power of the British bankers have over global vaccinations, health systems and the collusion of the mainstream media propaganda: From memory, General Electric is America’s biggest company and its tax return alone is over 22,000 pages! Robert (Bob) Charles Wright was the Chairman and CEO of NBC (one of the US’s biggest media organizations at the time) from 1986 to 2001, following which, he was appointed Vice Chairman of General Electric until he retired in 2008. He and his wife Suzanne through their Wright Family Foundation founded AUTISM SPEAKS in New York, now the most powerful organization in the world supposedly speaking up for children suffering from autism, and working with the US president on this issue.


Autism New Zealand effectively is run as a branch of Autism Speaks in New York City. Yet, virtually all parents who have vaccine-damaged autistic children HATE this organization Autism Speaks in the US, and say it does not represent them! Heaps on the Internet about this.


Recently, Dr Robert Naviaux, Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Pathology at the University of California at San Diego announced to the world he has supposedly discovered that a new ‘miracle’ cure for autism is a drug called SURAMIN. However, if you take a few minutes of your time to study the Internet about it and the learned Professor, you will discover that SURAMIN is simply a 100-year-old drug previously used for treating sleeping sickness in Africa. It is manufactured by Bayer in Germany under the name GERMANIN with all sorts of severe adverse reactions!


Now if you go and investigate Professor Naviaux’s laboratory you will find it is called the NAVIAUX LAB. On its website you will see two of the primary sponsors of the lab are, yes you guessed it – none other than the Wright Family Foundation and AUTISM SPEAKS. So you can see how insidious this high level of corruption really is, and how, the very same big business corporations, and the people who run them are so devious, actually even running and funding the organisations that claim to represent the victims – which of course they do not. This also explains why, until nearly every child gets autism from vaccines, and until the general masses wake up about what is causing this massive increase in autism and other diseases from vaccines, big business, the medical fraternity and pharmaceutical mafia in collusion with the media will never resolve the disorder at all.

If you go and research the major shareholders of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, you will find they are the same shareholders or sponsors of the media companies, the World Medical Association the UN World Health Organization. It is really this insidious. This flows right on down to our local newspapers, radio and TV hosts, who are, all 100% of them, totally controlled common prostitutes, and believe me, most of them they know it. Before the Internet, ordinary members of the public like you and me never could have accessed these facts in a million years. But now we can.

I wish you all the best in informing your dear friend. But make no mistake, it is a battle!




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