The Shocking Truth About Organ Donation

According to this information, organs to be donated need to be LIVING organs, which means that they have to be harvested from a LIVING donor (who has been declared brain dead for the purpose), who is then injected with a paralysing drug (but no anesthetic) for the organ harvesting procedure while for all intents and purposes still alive, although the patient may be in a coma, or in a drug-induced coma.

Make sure to get informed about this important issue. If you have agreed to be an organ donor and want to reconsider your decision, you not only need to revoke that decision say on your driver’s license, but need to provide a legal document to say that you do not want to donate your organs.

Have a look at the information share it with others. Particularly, make sure all members of your family are informed in case your elderly parent ends up in hospital and is targeted as a potential organ donor by members of the hospital staff, as it is important for ALL siblings to refuse to agree on a diagnosis of brain death.

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For furter information about this important topic visit the Truth About Organ Donation website HERE


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From Quora:
Do you think people in comas can hear?
Lorraine Williams, 49 years as an RN, mostly in acute care hospitals
Answered Jul 26

Years ago, I had a good friend who developed a severe sinus infection and upon returning from a long flight, became disoriented and lost consciousness. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The doctors told his wife that he was inoperable and there was no hope. He spiked a high fever that same week and was given I/V antibiotics. He survived but remained in a coma for close to a year. At one point, a nurse making rounds with a new doctor told the doctor, in front of my friend that there was no hope of recovery and he would die. My friend regained consciousness months later. He had been misdiagnosed and had suffered a brain abscess, not a tumor. He told his family that when he heard what the nurse said, he gave up hope, but that his wife’s daily visits and encouragement kept him going. Yes, it is definitely possible and common that people in a coma can still hear.


From a mother who lost her daughter after vaccination with MMR:

Robin Was Asked To Donate Holly’s Organs

When Holly was on life support, hooked up to a ventilator and clinically declared brain dead, her mother Robin was approached by the chaplain, who asked her to donate Holly’s organs.

The chaplain at the hospital seemed so very caring and nice to Robin until she said no to donating Holly’s organs. Robin found that very strange and was left to feel the hospital lost out on a business deal.

Most parents are unaware that some chaplains are involved in the organ trade business. To increase consent for organ donations, some chaplains are being hired by hospitals to help get parents and next of kin to donate their loved ones’ organs.

Using a professionally trained chaplain in a hospital setting to approach the issue of organ donation has proven successful in getting more people to say yes to donating organs. [4]

Robin stated,

“In our situation, it was very disappointing, one more person, the chaplain, was not sincere during our nightmare. The chaplain is the last person one would expect to not be sincere.

Our family admires any grieving person who donates their loved ones’ organs, and we do not want to be judged for this immediate and difficult decision we had to make at that time.”

Parents are speaking up and advising others that when their vaccine-injured child ended up on life support, a doctor declared their child “brain dead,” so they had grounds to ask them to donate their child’s organs, only later to find out on the autopsy report that the child was not really brain dead and likely could’ve survived.

However, in Holly’s case, the grand mal seizures and severe case of acute encephalopathy did leave Holly “brain dead.” Although to this day, Robin wishes that she was given 48 hours to think about the decision to remove Holly from life support and wonders, to this day, if she should have kept her daughter on life support, in the hopes of a miracle.



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