Growing Opposition To Mandatory Vaccination In Hungary

The governments is about to introduce mandatory vaccination of children against pneumococcal infection

November 6, 2013


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“I want to reassure everyone that we are not going to stand by and let them implement this treacherous plan. The state secretariat has no authority to implement such a project, this is a clear case of abuse of power,” said anti-vaccination activist Csaba Labant.

“Before we file a criminal complaint against the government, we wait for the legal guise under which the government intends to cram this lethal plan down our throats.”

“We are still hoping that the news about mandatory vaccination is part of a fear-mongering campaign aiming to divert people’s attention from key election issues. Similar disinformation campaigns have already happened in the past,” said the anti-vaccination activist.

“If we don’t succeed in our efforts to block the tyrannical government initiative, we are going to form a political party and run in the next general election in order to fight against the forced vaccination plan in the National Assembly.”

“In the meantime, I encourage everyone to refuse mandatory vaccination for their children and to perform an act of civil disobedience. Vaccination is based on false scientific premise and serves only the profit interests of big business. Mandatory vaccination also violates several international treaties ratified by Hungary. Our lawyers are working on a legal document that will serve as base to launch infringement proceedings against the government,” said Labant.

“Let’s stand up against the satanic plan of enforcing the vaccination of our children, causing irreversible harm to our young.”

“If a doctor or a nurse threatens you, make a voice recording of the threat and file a blackmail complaint against the doctors. It is a parental right and even a human duty to protect a child against irresponsible attacks by tyrannical health officials.”

“We can expose the government plan if we openly express our opposition to forced vaccination in our country. The biggest threat to a child’s health not infectious diseases, but parents who allow their children to be vaccinated. Vaccinated children can become asymptomatic virus hosts and infect others around them.”

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“We must refuse to offer our children as sacrificial lambs on the altar of profit and continue to expose the obsessive lies and deceptions of the vaccination agents.”

“We invite everyone to join us in opposing forced vaccination and to fight together to protect our children’s health and to promote their well-being in accordance with the eternal laws of nature,” said Csaba Laban.


A comment:

The situation concerning vaccination in Hungary as related by a Hungarian parent:

In Hungary, the following childhood vaccinations are already mandatory:

BCG (at birth)
DTP IPV Hib (2,3,4 months)
MMR (15 months)
DTP IPV HIb (18 months)
DTPa IPV (6 years)
MMR (11 years)
dTAP (11 years)
Hepatitis B I-III. (13 years)

Proposed from next January:
PCV 13 (2,4, 15 months)
HPV (11 years)

Until 2009, the authorities imprisoned parents who refused vaccination; from 2005 foreigners living in Hungary were given freedom of choice concerning vaccination. Since 2009, parents who refuse vaccinations are no longer jailed but “only” given fines which are imposed repeatedly for continued refusal. Unvaccinated children are also refused admission to school and kindergarten if any vaccinations are missed. Officially, exemptions are available if a child is seriously ill, but in reality exemptions are never given even if a child has cancer or diabetes. Parents are just repeatedly told that vaccines are totally safe.


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