Treyton’s Vaccine Reaction


This is Treyton.


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This is what vaccine injury can look like. This is NOT rare. This is NOT normal. His brave mother Dawn is giving vaccine injury a face and a VOICE.

This is “…systemic juvenile arthritis that was triggered by his 6 month vaccines.
He has chronic inflammation of the skin, some joints, eyes, lungs, and gastro-intestinal tract. This disease comes with daily spiking fevers upwards of 105 (40.6 deg C) and rash is often present. This has been happening to him since he was 6 months old.”


Nicole Lauren

My son Treyton’s vaccine reaction

Dawn Mills Brickey

Treyton had a rough night last night. It’s heartbreaking to watch your 8-year-old unable to walk, hurting so badly that even a gentle touch sends him screaming in pain. Watching his little body being invaded with inflammation. Joints so swollen they aren’t even recognizable.‬


Along with the heartache comes overwhelming guilt. I did this, I made a choice for my son with limited knowledge and it hurt him forever. I never asked questions about vaccines. I didn’t have a clue that vaccines could trigger an autoimmune in a 6 month old. I should have.

I researched car seats, cribs, breastfeeding, feeding schedules you name it but never once vaccines. It’s a regret! I cannot change the past. The only thing I can do now as a parent is tell his story.

All I want you to do is be compassionate, have sympathy, and educate yourself. Ask questions, do your own research, talk to your doctors about your concerns. Learn about the diseases themselves. If you feel that vaccines are the best thing for you and your family then by all means vaccinate your children, but do it with knowledge!

Most people tend to think that those anti-vaxers got their info from a former playboy bunny and that it’s all about autism. WRONG!!!!

1st, we are all genetically different, we all have our own set of DNA, genetics, and mutations. Vaccines are a one-size-fits-all. It doesn’t matter if your newborn is 10lbs or a 2lbs preemie, they all get the same amount of vaccine as a 200lb man. This is exactly why some people react and others don’t. (We are all different)

Look I get it. You’re vaccinated, your kids are vaccinated and everyone is fine. I see this argument time and time again. You have to remember everyone is not the same. Some people cannot take penicillin, some cannot consume dairy, some people have reactions to nickel buttons on their jeans….. But not everyone.
Just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to any.

2nd you have to understand that vaccine injury is REAL!!! It happens!
Some of us parents walk into well check-ups with PERFECTLY healthy little chunks of adorableness and leave with children forever damaged. Yeah I’m sure there are those who are going to shout “correlation does not equal causation” don’t…

3rd When I speak about vaccine injury I’m actually not speaking about autism at all. I talking about seizure disorders, autoimmune disorders, encephalitis, brain damage, death, here see for yourself

4th there are thousands of parents out there just like me. Me meaning I was a vaccinating parent. I vaccinated all my kids, right on time and followed the recommended schedule. Until one day something happened. Something that would change our lives forever, something that would challenge our beliefs, and strike our family at its very core.








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