My Sons’ Vaccine-Related Measles

I’m located in Southern Ontario, Canada. I consider myself an “anti vaxxer” and have 3 healthy children ages 13,15 & 17 who up until last March (2014) were NOT vaccinated. My daughter who is 17 has received most, but not all vaccinations ONLY because I felt I had no choice. She had a 3-week trip to Kenya planned last July and I felt I did not have an option.

The story begins with my boys who are 13 and 15. A month ago, I received an email from my mom. She was concerned about the recent measles outbreak in Ontario and Disney and tells me to think hard about vaccinating my boys because we have a family cruise planned for March break. (The WHOLE family.. Brothers, sister, grandparents, etc).
Unfortunately I gave in … against my instincts, my better judgement, … against everything I stood for since becoming a mom … And I scheduled an appointment for my boys to be vaccinated. Ugh. MMR here we come.

On Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015 both my healthy boys received the MMR vaccine. 5 days later (Sunday) my oldest son came down with a terrible sore throat. He was in SO much pain, saying to me that he has never been in so much pain! I didn’t make any connection to the MMR shot at the time… I just thought he was coming down with a cold after spending the weekend away skiing with friends. He went to work at a local restaurant as a dish washer that night. The next morning (Monday, 6 days post MMR) he felt awful and didn’t want to go to school. I suggested to him that he was over-reacting and “just tired” from his weekend away. He also had a school trip planned for Tuesday and I didn’t want him missing school again. So he ended up going to school Monday; class trip Tues, and reluctantly went to school Wednesday feeling under the weather and still complaining of a sore throat and body aches.

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On Thursday he still wasn’t himself but his sore throat was dissipating, but he was starting to complain about being achy. His back muscles were bothering him. On Friday he played in a school basketball tournament but only for about 5 minutes because he was so sore and stiff and was in a lot of pain (I actually called the physio-therapst because I thought he had “put his back out”). He sat on the bench most of the day and just watched the games, unable to participate. In the meantime, my younger son who was away for the weekend with my husband came down with a rash (10 days post ) and was also experiencing a sore throat and feeling unwell. He now had red dots on his face, neck and torso.

Fast forward to Sunday night. (12 days post) : My husband arrives home with my youngest son. They inform me of his rash … I take a look.. And I immediately assume it’s side effects from the MMR. A few hours later… Sometime after 10pm Sunday night… (12 days post MMR Vaccination) my oldest son notices a rash on his neck and torso. I also attributed this … At the time … as a “mild” side effect of MMR. Apparently 5% of patients experience this rash…..and I was trying not to get concerned about it.

Monday morning.. (13 days post MMR) My youngest son goes to school. His rash is 95% better and his sore throat is gone. My oldest son on the other hand is COVERED with a red raised rash typical of Measles! It was much different from my younger son. I called my doctor. The nurse called me back and said it sounded like typical side effects from the MMR Vaccine and basically not to worry. She said to call back if things changed.

Tuesday morning my son was covered with a measles type rash. I called the doctor . She wanted to see him so I brought him in first thing in the morning before any other patient was to arrive. My doctor was speechless when she saw my son! She sighed. She was shocked. She ordered nose, throat, urine and blood tests, wrote a doctors note for the teachers saying he would not be at school for the rest of the week….and sent us home. When we got home I started searching the net. Can this really be happening to us?! Me?!… The one ..who all along …knew that vaccines were potentially dangerous….& I then came upon your VINE Facebook page. I’ve read many articles that confirm what I thought all along.

We are now on day 4 of the rash. I received a phone call today from our local health unit confirming that the results from the swab lab report “is detecting measles”. This was NO surprise to me. My gut and my research all along told me he was experiencing a case of “vaccine-induced measles”

So, my question to them was “can he be contagious at this point?!” Naturally, the nurse said “NO! He is clearly having an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and it’s causing measles-like-symptoms”. She said “the live virus isn’t causing the infection, it’s just causing a reaction” (even though the lab reports just came back “detecting measles”!) I truly believe he indeed has measles! My poor son has the measles from the measles vaccine! He has had all the symptoms….sore throat, runny nose, fever, rash, irritated eyes …

The health nurse however insisted that he is NOT contagious from “vaccine-induced measles”. I feel differently… Why wouldn’t he be contagious?!.. He HAS the measles … !

I need to report this…

I would really like some advice as to what to do now…Any advice, links, contacts would be greatly appreciated.
I feel my son’s plight could be a catalyst to inform the public of the truth and get change within our provincial and federal legislation.

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I recommended to the boys’ mother that she administer sodium ascorbate vitamin C or Lypo-spheric Vitamin C and that she immediately consult a homeopath, preferably someone trained in homeopathic CEASE therapy. Also, that she contact Vaccination Choice Canada. In Canada, parents can report vaccine reactions HERE.



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