Australian Doctors & Police Blame Parents for Vaccine-Related Injuries and Deaths

Chris Savage on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Former police sergeant Chris Savage was harmed by the Hep B vaccine in October 1989. This woke him up to the danger of vaccines. In the course of his career in the Queensland Police from 1990 to 2012, he attended sudden deaths of babies after vaccinations. He asked the parents what the baby’s health was like in the 2 months without vaccines and the light came on and they said their baby was healthy, eating and sleeping well, but that after being vaccinated all hell broke loose with inconsolable crying, convulsions, seizures and then death.

Chris Savage paid for revealing the shaken baby scam with the loss of his career as a police officer. He knew that all the shaken baby deaths he got calls for were vaccine related, and not caused by the parents. Here is his testimony:

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Root of “Shaken Baby” Scam Revealed

“I was in the Queensland Police Service for 20 years and I saw first hand how the vaccines caused death and the police would investigate, and while supported by the medical system would prosecute the parents for the injuries and death caused by the vaccines.”

The testimony of Chris Savage, Queensland Police officer – Originally sent to on 5/2/2012

I joined the Queensland Police Service in Queensland Australia in 1989 at the age of 27. In my work as a State Police officer I would be called to sudden deaths to investigate the circumstances. This included babies and young children.

I attended several where the baby was found dead by one of the parents in the morning, in Australia the term “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” is used to describe this outcome. Notice how the “syndrome” is frequently used – I believe this serves the purpose of mystifying the problem and therefore the cause. Another is “gulf war syndrome” which is clearly caused by the Anthrax vaccine.

I began to dig deeper whenever I had the opportunity to conduct investigations into the infant deaths. In 1993 I was the first response to a 6 month old baby death. I went to the hospital because the baby had been taken there by ambulance, and at the hospital I obtained the testimony of the mother. In her statement she told me that her baby was eating and sleeping normally but when the baby was vaccinated at the age of 2 months (which was the vaccine policy in Australia) the baby then would not sleep and would not eat properly and suffered frequent convulsions

She went to several doctors trying to find an answer. They gave her a common drug called “Panadol” which did not do anything. The convulsions continued so she went to another doctor who gave her another drug which also did not work. The baby continued to convulse and vomit frequently. The little girl would not sleep and the mother was sleep deprived also.

Because the situation was so desperate, the mother went doctor shopping. The other doctors simply gave her more drugs. At the age of about 5 months the baby died. The QPS then charged the mother for causing the death by using a forensic report which showed slightly elevated drug levels. Fortunately in this particular case the Director of Public Prosecutions did not want to proceed with a murder charge because the mother provided a statement which outlined normal sleep and eating prior to the vaccine.

Another incident occurred when I saw a father come through the Ipswitch District Watchhouse QLD on the charges of Manslaughter (similar to 2nd degree murder) of a 5 year old that had suffered a severe reaction to the initial vaccines and was brain damaged. The QPS relied on the false medical premise titled “shaken baby syndrome” – there is that “Syndrome” word again.

The child succumbed to the injuries from the vaccines and the QPS opted to blame the father on the basis of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” but there was no evidence other than the vaccine for the cause of the injuries when the “shaken baby” accusation was applied.

I have seen grieving parents charged with causing the deaths of their babies,

The highest risk period for death by vaccine was at two months when the babies are given all the vaccines;

When the detectives investigate the death of a baby they interview each parent separately. If there are any conflicting versions of the story they use the differences to attack the parents credibility and rely on the flawed “shaken baby syndrome” medical evidence. If there is no conflict, even a minor one in the parent testimony, the police then turn it over to a “medical doctor” who has “experience” with “shaken baby syndrome” and attempt to prosecute from that angle.

If the parents tell the investigator they picked up the lifeless baby and shook it to wake it, the police will prosecute even though the baby was already dead. Since “shaken baby syndrome” has no hard evidence, such as bruising or other injury, it’s the perfect way to blame parents for damage caused by vaccines.

In October of 2009, a baby died shortly after being vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine, and to everyone’s surprise the state coroner ruled that there was no link to the vaccine.

In my view, the QPS officers are sufficiently brainwashed to not realize the vaccines are causing the injuries and deaths; and when they investigate and prosecute they rely heavily on “medical evidence” which is significantly influenced by big Pharma, and appear to wish to divest responsibility.

Now they give the vaccinations at birth and I speculate that this is so that any damage can be blamed as having the problems since birth.

After giving a parent an article by Dr. Vera Schreibner, which outlined vaccine damage, the hierarchy of the QPS pursued me so I left on medical grounds. Upon my exit they tried to get me to take SSRI’s but I threw them all in the trash; they would have caused severe problems as you already know.

Chris Savage
Former Sergeant of Police, Queensland Police Service
Registered number 4007505
Amoor Qld 4570


In the following video Chris Savage explains how when parents found their baby deceased and picked the child up to gently shake it they were immediately accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Then the police would rely on pro-vaccine doctors’ medical evidence to convict the parent or baby sitter who would then be sent to prison. On every post mortem, the SIDS, SUDI or SBS had Cerebral Cortex inflammation and swelling of the brain noted. This results in the brain pushing against the skull, leading to the compression and subsequent bursting of arteries, causing the baby to be severely injured or die.



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A Facebook post:

Elizabeth De la Vega

Via Amanda Moses

My hubby and I went to M&M’S meat shop, to pick up something quick and easy for supper. There was an older gentleman in a suit there still deciding what he wanted so he said I could go first. The cashier lady had quit a bad cough and said she has had it for about 2 months now and so I asked her if she got that flu going around this year and told her about how sick I got from it this year.. She said she hadn’t and asked me if I got the flu shot. I laughed and said “I am probably the most anti flu shot person you will ever meet.” I then added on “I don’t even vaccinate my kids anymore!” I told her about what vaccines did to my daughter. She was very shocked and said “Good for you for not vaccinating any more of your kids., I never believed in those things.” She then pointed to the man in the suit and told me he is her friend and is a funeral director/embalmer here in town. She told him to tell me what he told her about what he knows about vaccines. He started to tell me how almost 20 years ago, he started to see a large increase of deceased old people during flu shot season and has had several of the deceased family members actually mention to him that their mother or father was doing fine until they had the flu shot and then took an immediate turn for the worst.

He then said that he knows damn well that he has had babies who had died from vaccines in there. He has been an undertaker for over 35 years and his father was a funeral director and passed his business on to him so he has been in and around the business his whole life. When he was young and was helping and being trained by his father, around 40 years ago, he said that crib death was EXTREMELY rare. It was so rare that his father had only ever seen 2 cases in his entire career and the babies were born sickly and had failure to thrive. He noticed sometime in the 80’s that it started to become quite common to get babies in there, who supposedly died of “SIDS”. He couldn’t understand why there was such a sudden increase in infant deaths.

He then started to put two and two together when he had a couple tell them that their baby was vaccinated just before she died and they knew that it was what caused their babies death. The next few times he had babies in there he had asked the parents if their baby was by any chance recently vaccinated and in every case they all said yes. He has never had a baby in there that was unvaccinated except for one that was a still birth. I asked him if he has ever had a kid in there that died from polio, measles or chickenpox? He said neither him or his father have ever seen or heard of any other undertaker friends who have had a death related to any of those illnesses, even before there was vaccine for them.

He then told me that once he started looking into vaccines, he found that they include formaldehyde (the embalming chemical) as an ingredient, among many other equally as carcinogenic and neurotoxic ingredients. I knew this already but it was still cool hearing it come from an undertaker who knows all about these chemicals and what effects they have on our bodies. He has never vaccinated his kids and his kids don’t vaccinate his grand kids. Think about that for a second, he and his father had never seen a baby or kid that had died of polio, measles or chicken pox, even before they ever had a vaccine to “prevent” these illnesses. He HAS had babies in their who suddenly died directly and mysteriously after vaccines.

Parents, if you won’t listen to us millions of parents who are speaking out, who’s kids have been injured or killed from vaccines, please at the very least listen to the professionals who are speaking out about what they know and what they have seen with their own eyes. It’s not normal for perfectly healthy babies to just die and it’s not just a coincidence that babies are dropping in record numbers across North America in the most heavily vaccinated continent in the world. We have exchanged mild childhood illnesses like the measles and chicken pox for the highest infant death rates, child obesity, seizures, and non-neurotypical children in the world. Don’t be like us and have to learn the hard way. Research and learn now before you end up a with a child that will mentally stay a child their whole lives, that you will be raising until the day you die, or have a baby that you will have to needlessly bury. You can’t go back once the damage is done and you will have to live with that every day of your life. Just because your kid seemed fine after their vaccines doesn’t mean that they will be so lucky the next time. It’s playing a game of Russian roulette with your child’s life.

Hayley De La Rue My family are from funeral directors. My pa saw it once in his life and now the business has babies all the time – and they are based in a smaller town too.


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