My Daughter Audra’s Vaccine Injury Story

11 years ago when my daughter was 10 months old she had a severe adverse reaction to the Hep B and DTAP vaccines. Audra received her vaccines on a Wednesday and was totally paralyzed and on life support by Sunday. We dissected the prior month of her life and just couldn’t figure it out until Dr Noorani asked “Has she received any vaccinations within the last 30 days?” and we were like “Yes, this past Wednesday.” That’s when our life changed forever.

After the doctors arguing over what was wrong and how it happened they finally agreed she needed an MRI. That’s when they were able to see it all. The vaccines had attacked her immune system and destroyed the myelin around her spinal cord.She was then diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis secondary to the Hep B and Dtap vaccines.

The CDC was called and on her first 4th of July she was in surgery receiving a tracheotomy. We spent 4 solid months in ICU and inpatient rehab. Then 2 months in almost home PICU.

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Audra remained trached and vent dependent for three years. Then she was strong enough to be off the vent and eventually had the tracheotomy closed. Sadly, we were not so lucky with the paralysis. To this day she still remains paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.


She has neurogenic bladder dysfunction that requires her to be cathed 3-4 x a day. She has problems with her bowels and has to take miralax and at times has to be “helped” to have a bowel movement. In the years since we have been continuously in and out of the hospital and in 2012 the spinal surgeries began. Due to the paralysis she has dextroconvex scoliosis that puts pressure on her left lung and heart. She had to have VEPTR rods(titanium rods) placed in her spine and ribcage that have to be grown and/or replaced every 6 months until she stops growing. This is a confirmed and proven vaccine injury case. It was reported to VAERS and we took it to vaccine injury court. The federal court deemed that without a doubt vaccines had done this to her. You cannot sue the doctor, nor the pharmaceutical company. They have a compensation fund set aside just for this. If this was one in a million why the funds? Vaccine injures are real and can be even worse than what Audra and our family goes thru. We could have lost her. She flatlined 4 times during the first week of her hospital stay.

After she was diagnosed it was my mission to find out everything I could about vaccines. IT MADE ME SICK.. What they are made from how they are grown and how safe THEY ARE NOT. During our stay there were 4 other families with vaccine reactions. That means 5 families in June of 2003. That’s not one in a million, because we weren’t the only ones that year. All I can say to parents is educate yourselves and RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. You don’t have to vaccinate, you have the right to decline and yes your child can attend public schools without vaccines by getting an exemption. You can also choose to delay until older. And also you can do them one at a time.

If you have any questions about Audra or anything I have written I am always open to talk. I help in any way I can. Just remember ultimately it’s YOUR CHILD and YOUR CHOICE. Don’t feel pressured or bullied, and DON’T ever be ashamed of the choice you make for YOUR CHILD.

Tonya Ankeney

Shared by Tonya on the “My child’s vaccine reaction” Facebook page on 15 July 2014


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