Media Blackout On Measles Facts

Measles: Horrifying Facts The Media Left Out

The media insists that it’s raining measles and everyone should get the MMR vaccine, made by Merck, to protect themselves.

Even Obama has publicly stated, “those who don’t get their shots can pose a risk to infants and other people who can’t get vaccinated.”

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He assures parents that vaccine science is “pretty indisputable.”

What science is he looking at?

First of all, as a non-vaccinated person, you’re more likely to die from an
ant bite than you are from measles.

Are you afraid of ants?

Then you shouldn’t be afraid of measles or the unvaccinated.

Still though, there are millions of parents jumping up and down screaming that we should all get vaccinated to ensure herd immunity.

The bigots among them want to sue parents who refuse to do what they say.

Well, you can try and sue me.

I have three unvaccinated kids (along with a 1986 BMW and a much newer, 1999 Toyota 4-Runner with really nice tires – big time assets for the litigious).

Unlike working with the media, at least I’d be able to show all the facts in a courtroom.

I’d start with proving that herd immunity is a failed hypothesis. It’s very easy to test: Find a vaccinated herd and monitor them for infection.


That’s science: The observation of reproducible results

Observing the MMR vaccinated herd, we find that they get sick, often.

The New England Journal of Medicine published that, “An outbreak of measles occurred among adolescents in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the spring of 1985, even though vaccination requirements for school attendance had been thoroughly enforced.”

A thorough investigation, as outlined in my book, Over-The-Counter Natural Cures, shows how this same scenario has happened worldwide, numerous times. Even naturally acquired immunity fails to “protect the herd.”

The failure of herd immunity was also stressed by the medical journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases. Warning against using the vaccine for protection, they wrote, “Other problems arise because herd immunity is not the same as biologic (immunologic) immunity; individuals protected only by indirect herd effects remain fully susceptible to infection, should they
ever be exposed.”

If herd immunity did exist, it would have to be imparted from a safe and effective vaccine.

The MMR vaccine is a complete failure. In fact, it’s such a loser that Merck was taken to court in 2012 for falsifying data!

This was conveniently withheld from the media.

In a 2012 class action lawsuit — United States v. Merck & Co. and Chatom Primary Care v. Merck & Co. – two virologists from Merck showed that the drug giant “falsified testing of the efficacy of the drug and misstated the drug’s efficacy to the government as having a 95 percent efficacy rate.”

In the court trial you never heard about, it was discovered that, “Merck incorporated the use of animal antibodies to artificially inflate the results, but it too failed to achieve Merck’s fabricated efficacy rate. Confronted with two failed methodologies, Merck then falsified the test
data to guarantee the results it desired. Having reached the desired, albeit falsified, efficacy threshold, Merck submitted these fraudulent results to the Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) and European Medicines Agency (“EMA”).”

The CDC, along with Obama and the media continue to assert that their science supporting the measles vaccine is “indisputable.”

Following the trail of the “indisputable” science of the CDC and Obama leads you to CDC researcher Poul Thorsen. He was indicted by the Department of Justice for vaccine research fraud and money laundering. He is currently on the Office of the Inspector Generals most wanted list.


Clearly, the unvaccinated parents have justifiable concerns to avoid shots. But, the vaccinated, even more so. One brave father stepped forward to show pictures of his 15 month old son playing with his tool box and scrambling through the house to use them on furniture and toys. Days later
he received his MMR shot. 18 years later, he’s still in diapers trying to learn his first words.

The science is clearly disputable.

When herd immunity and vaccines are proven failures, you can’t use them as evidence to encourage vaccination or to sue parents who refuse to accept the flawed status-quo perpetuated by the pharmaceutically compliant politicians and the media.

Dare to live young!

Shane Ellison


The People’s Chemist


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