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January 28, 2013

Taking inspiration from a previous blog on our site, Health Diary of an Un-Vaccinated Child, I decided to write about my own son’s health journey since he arrived in our lives a year and a half ago.

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The decision to have a vaccine-free child was made well before conception. My husband and I had done a lot of research on vaccination and decided that the risks outweighed any possible benefits. We also did our research on the side effects of drugs during the birthing process and decided to find a midwife who would support our decision for a natural, drug-free, home birth.

When our son was three months old, we went on holiday to South Africa and spent a torturous 18 hours flying (not including all the time spent at airports). A couple of weeks after our arrival, we took him for a swim and didn’t take notice of the slight breeze despite the scorching heat.

The next day, bubs woke up with a cough and runny nose. As brand new parents, I’d be lying if I said we weren’t slightly worried about dealing with a sick child for the first time. Luckily, we got him some homeopathic Aconite and vitamin C powder and within a couple of days he was all better.

On our 18 hour flight back to New Zealand, both hubbie and son picked up a bug on the plane. Some more vitamin C and colloidal silver spray up the nose and both were happy as Larry, again within a couple of days.

When our boy was about 6 months old, we spent an afternoon at the beach in typical windy Auckland conditions (and probably should have known better than to take him outdoors). Sure enough, that night he was crying and pulling on his ear and we knew we were probably dealing with an ear infection. A quick visit to the doctor the next morning confirmed our suspicion. I brought him back home, chopped an onion in half and held it over his ear for half an hour while breastfeeding him to sleep.

I am so grateful to my knowledgeable friend with four super-healthy vaccine-free kids who told me about the onion trick! When my darling baby woke up, he was his happy self again and there was no more redness in his ear.

The next time he got ill was quite recently. I have no idea what the cause was, but after being grumpy all day and me suspecting teething to be the culprit, I noticed some tiny little ulcers on his soft palate when he yawned. To put hubbie’s mind at ease, I took our boy to the doctor to have a closer look.

The doctor confirmed it was ulcers on the soft palate and what followed really made me chuckle. She said (her exact words), “it’s probably viral, but I can give you some antibiotics if you like.” I couldn’t believe what I heard! I replied “didn’t you just say it’s probably viral? How are antibiotics going to treat a viral infection?” Her reply “never mind, just keep him hydrated, it should be gone in 5-10 days.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she noticed the mozzie bites on my son’s legs and asked if I wanted some hydrocortisone cream for that!!! It all started to become very clear to me why so many of the children I see around me are constantly ill….because their parents trust the seriously dodgy advice doctors give them without thinking of the long term consequences, or whether there could be a more natural alternative.

Back home, I consulted some of my homeopathic books and found a remedy which suited my son’s case. I was lucky to find the remedy at a local health shop straight away and got about four or five doses into my son before he went to sleep that night.

Had I not witnessed this myself I probably would not have believed it, but when he woke up the next morning and I shone my head lamp down his throat to have a look at the ulcers, they were completely gone and there was no sign of any redness in the area. I’m fully aware of the scepticism surrounding homeopathic treatment, but it sure beats the doctor’s antibiotics and 5-10 day prognosis!

My son has had two fevers as well. Even though I was genuinely scared during the first one, I was confident in my knowledge to be able to treat him homeopathically. Knowing that fever is the body’s way of kicking his immune system into gear, I trusted that nature would follow its course and that his body was strong enough to deal with it. I never once used a thermometer and instead observed him like a hawk for signs of deterioration and made sure he was well hydrated. Both fevers only lasted the night and by morning he was his bouncy self again.

Being a parent is the most amazing and humbling experience in the world. Experiencing love on a level you never even realised was possible is quite mind-blowing. With this indescribable love, comes the biggest fear you’ll ever encounter…the fear that you might lose this treasure. No matter how prepared you are, seeing your child ill is a scary experience. This is why it is so important to educate yourself on how to look after a sick child and also to understand some of the basic physiology of how the body deals with illness and why.

The last thought I’ll leave you with it this: don’t allow fear to rule the health choices you make for your child. Instead, arm yourself with knowledge and love and realise that our children’s bodies are much smarter than we ever give them credit for.
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