Two Shocking Interviews Concerning Mandatory Military Vaccinations

Vaccine Syndrome Film Debuts about Forced Military Anthrax Vaccine

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The online FREE Vaccines Revealed Docuseries just released the World Premier of the documentary, VACCINE SYNDROME.

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This film, produced by Oscar nominated filmmaker Scott Miller, provides exclusive interviews with military personnel who have had experience with the controversial anthrax vaccine.

The film claims that over 35,000 soldiers have died from the anthrax vaccine, according to a “RAC-GWVI Government Report” published in 2008. Compare that to how many soldiers have died in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, which is 6753 at the time of the filming.

The film starts out with a dramatized recreating of Lance Corporal Jared Schwartz, who refused to receive the anthrax vaccine. He had to face a military tribunal without legal counsel, and read a prepared statement. That statement can be found online, such as at the website.

The film also mentions how pharmaceutical companies have legal immunity from any injuries or deaths resulting from vaccines, and that the civilian population only has recourse to sue the federal government in a special Vaccine Court. However, military personnel are prohibited from suing in this court, which is part of the National Vaccine Compensation Program.

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Military Medic Whistleblower Speaks Out

Polly Tommey, one of the producers and part of the VAXXED film team, filmed an interview with Sherrie Saunders, a former military medic and now whistleblower regarding military vaccines.

Sherrie discovered that the animal protein in the anthrax vaccine was causing Gulf War syndrome in some soldiers, some who even died. When she reported it to her commander, she got a visit from someone in Washington, D.C. and was told to keep quiet about it.

She is no longer keeping quiet. Listen to this interview which is going viral on the Internet:


A message from Jeff Hays:

My friend, Academy Award nominated filmmaker Scott Miller premiered his documentary “Vaccine Syndrome” during our Vaccines Revealed Launch.

What you know by now is that this unique documentary tells the horrific story of the Anthrax vaccine program in the military….(a travesty that is still in effect!)

What you may not know about this film is that it has been in the making for almost 2 decades and as a fellow filmmaker, I gotta tell you that – tragically – more great footage ends up on the cutting room floor than ever makes it into the movie.

Some of this footage is astounding and will shock you to stunned silence – some will shake you up and move you to tears.

Luckily, Scott has released some of these unseen interviews, and I am proud to bring on one of these exclusive, full, uncut interviews to you as part of our Vaccines Revealed community.


You will meet Bob Lee. He attended Princeton University. He arrived there at 15 years of age, and was there for 7 years studying physics and mathematics, and then graduated out of the Philosophy Department.

Make sure and listen to him at 10:10 in the clip – “It seemed absolutely criminal – because it served those who benefited from the distribution of the vaccine.”

CLICK HERE to watch it now.

I’m always excited and delighted to bring you these new film clips (especially these exclusive previously unseen clips) to add background and context.


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