Vaccination in Australia

Australian parents used to have freedom of choice concerning vaccination, but this has unfortunately changed.

At present, the federal law applies to people who want a subsidy for childcare. Childcare is very expensive in Australia, so the government subsidises it, except for children who are not “up to date” with the 39 vaccines on the preschool schedule. This means that some parents have to give up their jobs because the cost of childcare becomes greater than their salary. Going on the dole becomes a better option.

There are also welfare payments that are not made when the child is not up to date. Basic welfare for parents who have no income is not affected.

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The other laws are state laws, so it depends on where you live. Victoria is the worst. No kindergarten or childcare for those not up to date. Any institution that enrolls them faces a fine of $20,000.00.

QLD has changed the law so that it now is legal for an institution to refuse entry to a child. In the past it was illegal to discriminate, but many institutions did it anyway.

NSW has a law that people have to sign a conscientious objection form if they don’t accept all the vaccines. The form has to be co-signed by a GP or public health nurse. Sometimes parents find it hard to find someone who will co-sign.

Both the federal and Victorian laws allow medical exemptions, but the medicrats do not want doctors to be able use their discretion. So they have produced a medical exemption form which decrees what is acceptable, and it is very limited. This is what the form says; “The individual identified on this form has a: permanent vaccine exemption due to medical contraindication because of the following: previous anaphylaxis (to vaccine/vaccine component) / / significant immunocompromise (live attenuated vaccines only)” However, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal has ruled that doctors do not have to use the form when granting a medical exemption, and that the GP is not restricted by what anyone else considers to be a contraindication.



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Australia has also introduced the highly questionable practice of giving new babies the hepatitis B vaccine any time between when they are born and they are discharged from the hospital. Parents should let their hospital and/or their primary care giver know in writing that they do not consent to their new baby to be vaccinated against hepatitis B. Read about the dangers of the hepatitis B vaccine HERE


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