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‘Protecting our unvaccinated children as they grow up’ video transcript:

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Hi, this is a question in response to a post I made about vaccination and it refers to my book “VACCINE-NATION: POISONING THE POPULATION, ONE SHOT AT A TIME” and the question is so then how do we protect our unvaccinated kids as they get older?

The answer is really by not vaccinating the kids, you are allowing their immune systems to develop. They are not stifled, they are not suppressed because vaccines definitely suppress the immune system by only activating what is known as the antibody response. The antibody immune system and when you do that you are automatically suppressing the cellular immune system which is the one associated with you gut.

We know that sixty percent of the immune system, the main tract of the immune system, sits in the digestive track, small intestine, partly large intestine and even in the stomach. We have parts of the immune system even in the throat area, in the tonsils, so there is a thymus, there are lots of parts of immune system in out body, circulating immune system, cellular immune system that consists of B-cells, white blood cells, sarcophagus and others. So when a person is immunized with vaccines like, we know that hepatitis B vaccine given right after a child is born, and that has a whole host of serious side effects that can include diabetes later in life, cancers, heart disease and many other conditions.

So when a person is vaccinated it does not mean that the person is protected, It actually means that the person is unprotected. When you look at people that develop, if there is a mumps outbreak like we had three years ago in New York, seventy-seven percent of those one thousand infected people, that was seven hundred and seventy people were actually previously fully vaccinated, they had all their booster shoots. So that means if you are vaccinated, you are more likely to became infected with an infectious agent than if you are not vaccinated

In other words, your question which said how do we then make sure that the our unvaccinated children stay protected as they get older, that is the perfection. Not being vaccinated is the protection because it allows the immune system to grow strong, to have contact with infectious agents, germs, pathogens, with bacteria in the soil, in the air, in the food without having a suppression of the immune system which can easily suppress the onset of an illness but this does not mean the child is healthier.

A healthy child may go through two or three childhood illnesses and acquire not just immunity to those particular viruses that are typically associated with these infections but on the other hand, the immune system will be more protected against all sorts of pathogens or toxins, in fact, so a strong immune system builds in coordination, in collaboration, with the natural environment as the child grows up. It needs to be in contact with all sorts of germs, viruses, fungi, bacteria, the more the better, children that eat dirt, that are playing in the ground, in the soil, that put soil in the mouth they have strong immune system and they are least likely to develop allergies and things like asthma.

So it is very well known that the vaccinated kids have four to five times higher rates of asthma and five times more the rate of allergies and many times the rate of autism, many, many different kinds of infections, ear infections, very, very low rates among the non-vaccinated but very high among vaccinated. So these are all studies that have been showing again and again that natural immunity is far, far better than artificially induced immunity which is not real immunity.

As we have seen, in the case of most infectious diseases and epidemics , the people that used to develop infections of even diaphragm, like diphtheria, go back to the time before World War II in Germany when diphtheria mass vaccinations were introduced, that the rates have moved up from forty to two hundred and fifty thousand people infected. And when World War II broke out and there were no vaccines available any more the rates dropped back to forty-five to fifty thousand. So that means that the vaccines were actually responsible for some of the greatest epidemics we have. The same thing is applied to polio, and we know now very clearly that the polio vaccine according to the inventor or the discoverer of the polio vaccine, he himself had admitted in front of the US congress that the polio vaccine was actually responsible for creating the biggest polio outbreak we ever had.

So once again there is no protection from vaccines, it has never been shown, there are no double blind control studies that are allowed by the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to allow comparative studies where you have two groups of people, one is vaccinated, the other is not vaccinated, and you compare who feels better when exposed to infectious agents and we now know that simply because of outbreaks, that the ones that are more readily infected are the ones that are fully vaccinated and those who are more protected are the ones that are non-vaccinated.

Once again here is your answer, just by not vaccinating your child, he has a stronger chance of going through life without any major illnesses.

Lastly there are one hundred and fifty-one scientific studies over the last the last hundred and twenty, hundred and thirty years, and they all published, reviewed studies and one University in 2008 started looking at all those hundred and fifty-one studies and put them all together and then created a, basically reported, a result that vaccination of children to prevent childhood illnesses is responsible for a significant increase of cancer in these people later in life.

So we have an epidemic of cancer now simply because we have opted to vaccinate children during their childhood, which is horrendous, when you look at the amount of suffering that people have, that potentially develop cancer because they have been vaccinated during their childhood, versus people that may have had some insignificant childhood illnesses that pass after five, six, seven, eight, ten days, some inconvenience for parents and children, yet, they are more likely to be protected against cancer later throughout their lives.

Once again better just by doing nothing, not vaccinating children, children fare much better with regard to proper immunity.

Thank you.

Andreas Moritz


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